Friday, April 27, 2012

Marianne: The After After.

To recap, I tried the Ion Keratin Smoothing Treatment and was left with stick straight, shiny hair, and no mojo.

Don't get me wrong, it looks really nice. I just think I need more volume or something. It's tied to my personality. As an aside, here is a crappy picture of some new (to me) Chie's I snagged on eBay! They are very subtly gold and pretty and were really cheap.

dress: Diane Von Furstenberg (similar here and here)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar here and here)
sunglasses: Coach (similar here and here)
hair: via Ion Smoothing Keratin Treatment

So, you're dying to see how dramatically different it is after I washed my hair, right? RIGHT? Well, I hate to disappoint you...

Yup. Looks pretty much the same. Whomp whomp. It's softer and shinier and maybe less frizzy, though it hasn't been super humid yet. It does seem to dry faster and would probably straighten a lot easier, but I don't like to straighten my hair.


Overall, I can't say I'd do this again. However, if you straighten your curly hair regularly, it might be worth a try for you? Me, I'm going to stick with the Ouidad products I've fallen in love with and leave my hair curly.

blazer: Vintage (similar here and here)
top: anthropologie (similar here and here)

note: I have not been compensated in any way for these reviews.


  1. How far away do you two live from one another?

    By the way, I like your curly hair better, too. But as a stick straight hair girl, I'm jealous.

    1. Emily, I live in Knoxville and Adrien is in Richmond. It's sadly a 7-8 hour drive.

      And thank you! The grass is always greener, etc. :)

  2. You have the prettiest hair ever, Marianne.

  3. As a fellow "textured" hair lady, I understand your plight, Marianne. I use to straighten my hair for hours in my twenties. Now that I'm more *mature* (and lazy), I leave it in all its natural crazy unruly glory.

    p.s. You look gorgeous in both pics but I get that your hair is tied to your personality. I feel the exact same way. (:

  4. Frankly, whatever you do or don't do to your hair, it is amazing hair, of which a large proportion of the population must be envious.

  5. I'm secretly glad it didn't straightify your hair - I think your curls are awesome :)

  6. I like your hair natural, aka Diana Ross--the first picture--only shorter. If I had that hair, I would cut it to slightly longer than shoulder length, get it barely layered, and luxuriate in it. You have the hair that millions (maybe even billions) of women permed their hair for in the 80s. Seriously, it's awesome.

    1. Ha! Well, thank you. My hair doesn't look like that naturally, only when I blow dry it and use no conditioner, per the Ion directions. My normal, curly hair is just air dried.

  7. You guys are all too sweet, I swear. Can I arrange to have you all say these things to me every morning while I do battle against the frizz this summer?

  8. Your hair is so gorgeous. I am glad the curls are still in tact! It looks nice straight too. You are lucky to have such versatility!