Friday, April 20, 2012

Marianne: Stylemint deal!

No, I'm sorry, these aren't the After After pictures from my keratin treatment. Don't yell! I just wanted to pop in to review my latest Stylemint shirt, because they have a wicked weekend deal going on.

This time around, I selected the Ashland T. The drapeyness (shut up, it's a word) appealed to me, as well as the burnout print and the deep v-neck. I went with the recommended size 3 (Medium), but it's pretty generously sized. You tiny things out there might find yourselves sized out of this one.

It's like, ridiculously soft and cozy, and feels a step above your average t-shirt. So far I have to say these shirts feel worth the $29 they cost.
Now for the deal: I just got an email that Stylemint is running a hell of a deal for new customers. Enter in Stylemint coupon code SMLNEW and get two items for $29! I'm not affiliated with Stylemint at all (but I totally would be--call me, Mary Kate and Ashley!), but that's a killer deal. HOWEVER, it ends at midnight Sunday, hence the random Friday night post. Go take your style quiz, it's fun! Stylemint! Do it!

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  1. For some reason, i know i would look terrible in that outfit, but you rock it.