Monday, April 16, 2012

Marianne: Boots!

Okay, it's been a really, really warm spring. Following an unusually warm winter. And so, I gave up the boots a while ago. But...

I don't know, it was rainy and cool and they were calling to me longingly from the closet. And it felt right.

All of these lovely saturated colors felt right, too. And note my lipcolor--that's the Josie Maran Lip Marker I was raving about a couple of weeks back. It's perfect.

And stay tuned...I did something very complicated to my hair this weekend and you're going to want to see the results later this week. ARE YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT?
sweater: unknown (similar color here)
dress: Old Navy (similar here and here)
belt: French Connection (similar here and here)
bag: Kooba (similar here and here)
bracelet: Jessica Kagan Cushman (similar here)


  1. Looks great! I'm going to wear my Target k/o of those boots today too. I love them so much, when they wear out, I'll buy the Frye's.

  2. These are great saturated Wonder Woman colors!

  3. Love your makeup, clothes, bag and boots!