Friday, August 3, 2012

A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be.

A: We are gonna need to discuss this.

source: The Sartorialist

M: I feel like...what? What is happening with those pants?

A: Is that what those are? Pants? Because it looks like she's wearing GIANT POCKETS.

M: Maybe that's the next big thing. Just...pockets.

A: What is she digging for? Hopefully a handful of nickels to throw at the SHobbit.

M: Maybe a stepstool.

A: Maybe a better outfit.

M: Surely she has something in there more suitable. With our luck it's a romper.

A: Well, she certainly has room for one under there.

M: I'd say she has room for an entire Forever 21 rack of rompers.

A: That sweater too. It's...certainly... I quit.

M: The hat, the backpack, the little shoes, the bike. She had some kind of checklist.

A: Maybe she's a chimney sweep?

M: Chim-chim-cherreeeee!



  1. Is she supposed to be dressed as a little Dutch boy? Just swap the shoes for some clogs.

  2. Recently escaped from the shtetl, circa 1789.

  3. She looks like an extra from Les Miserables

  4. It looks like she's wearing saddlebags under that sweater.