Monday, August 13, 2012

Marianne: Pre-Pre-Pre Fall Leather Jackets

What? If Adrien is allowed to talk about boots, I'm allowed to talk about leather jackets. Right? Right. Anyway, I have been wanting the perfect leather jacket for a couple of years now. You know that jacket? Perfectly cut, buttery soft, just the thing to take you through fall and early winter? Just tough enough to add a little rock star to every outfit. Oh, and affordable, too. Do you know where you can find this jacket?


Oh, sure, you can find this dreamy Rick Owens number, which is so Kate Lanphear I can't stand it:

It will just set you back a couple of mortgage payments. No big deal.

Here is another one I really like. I love the banded cuff and bottom, it's flattering and I feel like it makes it a bit more versatile. And this one is a steal compared to the Rick Owens jacket, but it's still $760 freaking dollars.

Mackage makes some of my favorite outerwear looks, very tailored with unexpected details. Their leather jackets are gorgeous and you can sometimes find them on sale for $350 (about 50% off) or so. That's still honestly more than I can begin to afford, though. SIGH. So pretty.

Before you tell me to check out "vegan" leather (meaning...not real leather), I'll just stop you right there. I know there are some convincing "leatherette" (god, that is a word now) materials out there, but I just can't. They don't feel right and they don't breathe, even if this is kind of cute and under $100:

So, the hunt continues. I'll probably end up stalking something on eBay because I'm determined, and when I get determined about a fashion matter, watch out. Are you thinking about jackets already? Help be feel less crazy.


  1. I did this to myself last fall with the perfect leather jacket. Ended up stalking discount sites (Overstock, Bluefly, Last Call) and bought not 1 but 2 (!) on SmartBargains, and I don't regret a thing. Just do it and have fun!

  2. Do you know about Soia & Kyo. They are a Canadian company that makes really sweet jackets: I do not own any of their leathers but I love the spring jacket and trench that I have

  3. at the end of June, my mom and I were in a thrift shop and I bambi-eyed her into buying me an awesome wine colored leather trench (for $75!!) so my mind has been on jackets for a while.

  4. I found one at Goodwill, but it was just pure luck.

  5. Forever 21 had a decent k/o of the Rick Owens last year and the year before -- might very well happen again this year. I don't usually endorse shopping at Forever 21 but I couldn't resist a $30 version of that jacket.

    Thanks for the idea to layer a lace shell under the jacket!! Smitten.

  6. I own that Mackage jacket from a few years back. Gotta say, it's been worth every penny. Buttery leather, thick lining, and construction you just can't argue with.

    That said, my head has been turned by this cute little number from Mango. I don't need it, but I want it.

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