Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A: This interview does not make me like the SHobbit any more than I already don't like him.

M: So basically, he's better than the other street style blogs because he can afford to travel all over the world?

M: Also, ZERO mention of our help. None.

A: It's like we don't even exist to him.

M: I mean, honestly, you KNOW this will be the best part of his little book:

A: I'm pretty sure that's what his book is about, right?

M: Surely it's not just...more pictures of people? That's so 2009.

A: There is no way. NO WAY. It's definitely his photos paired with baby animals.

M: I can't wait to read the inscription. Do you think he will call us out by name or be coy? Something like:

"To A and M, who made this possible and are so tall."

A: SO TALL. Um, have you gotten your check from him yet?

M: I have NOT! The outrage! I am sure it's in the mail?

A: Marianne, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this.

M: Perhaps we should stage some kind of formal protest?

A: Baby animals on stilts!

M: Put everything on the tippy top shelves!

A: Hem his pants even shorter!

M: Or don't allow him to hem his pants at ALL. That'll show him.

A: I like the way you think.


  1. Lol... at this point the only photos of his that I see are on Sartorial Zoo. He owes you guys big time!

  2. You have to admit, the guy is pretty smart. "You know there’s London, Paris, Milan, and all that—but there’s also Savannah, Dublin, Morocco, and a bunch of places."

    His knowledge of geography astounds me.

    1. That's a really good point. I mean, who's ever heard of Dublin?

    2. And there's a bunch of other places too, apparently!

  3. THIS. Never gets old. So much funny.

    Kim |