Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adrien: All The Things.

When I have a pair of shoes I really love I tend to wear them again and again and again (which should be obvious because I just realized I'm wearing the same pair of shoes in the last three outfits I've posted.) This pair of sandals is my latest in a long line of  "these go with ALL THE THINGS" shoes. You'll probably be seeing them a lot.

I talked about them here and then stalked stalked stalked until they got ridiculously marked down. (The price has shot way back up again which I am so confused by. What is that?)


dress: Target (similar) (another cute Target dress)
sandals: Chie Mihara Trampa (sweet Chie Mihara sandals on sale)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar) (another purple satchel)
bracelet: Giles & Brother skinny railroad cuff
beaded bracelet: Twist Style


  1. the shoes are so damn cute! Love the pop of color! I like to stalk items that I really long for and when they go on sale, I get a " shopping high". Great score on your shoes!

  2. UNH. Those shoes, man. I still daydream about stealing Lisa's somehow.

  3. I like these better than mine. These have an extra suede strap, which I adore. MA, I will share mine with you.

    1. Lisa, that's so weird! I didn't even notice that they were slightly different.

    2. I never realized they are different, but you are right! So yours aren't the Trampas? What style are they?

    3. Looks like they are called Verve:

  4. I hit reply to soon. I'm so glad you got them!

  5. Okay so I last night looked up the link you put to Neimans, and was going to purchase them because wow that is a good deal, and I'm a 41. But then I didn't want to pay $15 for the shipping! So I closed the browser. And today, I found a coupon code for free Neiman shipping!!! AUGFS fwiw. Yay--just picked up the shoes on the link!! My first Chies!!