Friday, August 31, 2012

Dearth of Men.

A: It's Friday. There are no cute boys to talk about.

M: How is that possible. Should we sound the alarm on Twitter? Rally the troops?

A: On it.

M: Bring us the swarthy hot men, Internets!

A: First suggestion:

A: Visual aid:

M: Hmmm...he's a bit pale, no?

A: He looks kind of fragile.

M: Birdlike. Lovely eyes, though.

A: Very English. And you know how I feel about that. Moving on:

M: Eh. I don't know. Do I have Hot Boy ennui?

A: I'm a firm NO on Enrique. He just seems kinda douchey. Viggo is fine, I guess.  I found Daniel Day-Lewis so incredibly overbearing in Last of the Mohicans that I completely missed any hotness. We are hard to please. Next suggestion:


A: Well, hellllooooooo there.

M: Hot Boy doesn't seem to work for him. That is a Handsome Man.

A: Unh.

M: Yes. Yes, please.

A: Right? Nicely done, Wendy.

M: I was not a fan of The Wire, but I will admit I stuck with it longer than I should have because of Stringer Bell.

A: I've never watched The Wire, but maybe now I start. Yes.

M: They mumble a lot. I couldn't hear half of what anyone was saying.

A: I'm unconcerned about this.

M: Hell, put it on mute. Whatever. Hi, Stringer.

A: Totes. WAIT. He is British, Marianne.

M: Ssssssh.

When do the Olympics come back again?

M: Well, the Winter Olympics are in two years but they wear SO MANY CLOTHES! Booooooo.


M: I know. It's either this:

Or this:



  1. Oh why, why, why did you have to end with Jazz hands? So sad now too.

  2. I sold The Wire to my best friend as having the best looking men on television, and I stand by it still. Idris Elba is extraordinary all around, and I highly recommend checking out his BBC drama "Luther," for which he won this year's Golden Globe. Both (annoyingly short) seasons are on Netflix; go, now. You won't be sorry.

  3. If you're looking for an Idris Elba quick-fix (avec accent), check him out in the succinct British crime series, Luther (streaming on Netflix)!

  4. I forget how you guys feel about Ryan Gosling, but thought you could use a little dose if you do fall on the "yes, please" scale. And then I was reminded how funny the whole "Hey Girl" meme is: so hot AND funny!

  5. I squeaked when I saw Idris! Jimmy McNulty on The Wire is pretty dreamy too. Oh, and you have to watch it with the subtitles on. Even when you can understand the words, they use so much street slang and police jargon that it can be hard to follow.

  6. You have offended me TWICE in this post! There are only two rules in my house:

    1. You will recognize The Wire as the greatest show ever on TV
    2. You will never, ever insult Johnny Weir

    You partially made up for it with the Idris pictures (be still my heart), but I remain offended.

    1. I love Johnny Weir! I just don't find him HOT.

    2. Oh yes, let it be known that I find Johnny Weir endlessly fierce and entertaining. I just don't want to climb him like a tree.

  7. Oh, Mr. Elba, you look so handsome in that suit!

    "Viggo is fine, I guess." You GUESS? Viggo is very FINE indeed. Hmmmph.

  8. Too much fun, ladies. Too much fun. :)

  9. I loves me some pretty men. Current crush: Tom Hiddleston. (British!)

    Look, here is a whole board of the mens:

    Mostly him, but also some Fassbender, Clooney, Chris Evans, JGL, RDJ, Hugh Jackman.

  10. forget the wire, you all need to watch Idris in Luther.

  11. You guys clearly know about this one, right? Just for when you need a quick fix in the future....