Monday, August 20, 2012

Adrien: So Tired.

So, over the weekend Kate and I went to the mall and wandered around lamely looking at things we considered trying on but didn't. The shopping ennui, it continues. Now, as you probably know I like a dress - it's so much easier than separates and the right simple dress can be accessorized all kinds of ways. So, my goal was to look at some dresses with fall in mind.

First, we lamed our way into Banana Republic. It's...interesting in there right now. I think Kate summed it up pretty well when she said the current collection screamed, "Rich Lady Equestrian." Lots of chain prints and tie-necks. I did not, however, hate this:

The color is nice and the neckline is interesting. It would look nice later in the fall with tall boots and a jacket. But...$150 for a polyester dress, BR? Really. There was also this, which looked good in that "blank canvas" kinda way:

And then Kate pointed out this, which she'd seen in the window and thought might be a good basic fall dress:

I agreed... and we left without trying on a thing. (Update: Kate went back the next day and tried on the grey dress. Her take: "Unfortunately the thing is like a straight jacket.  I thought that I was going to need to get a salesperson just to help me get the dang thing off.  And it wasn't even very cute on." Booo, Banana. You lose again. But! I forgot. On the way out I saw this:

And kind of loved it. I don't know, could there be a more useless garment than a caplet? But something about it makes me happy. (Probably because I secretly want to be an Equestrian Rich Lady.) Hmm.

Moving on, we sighed our way into Ann Taylor, expecting to be underwhelmed. There was some weird stuff on the sale rack that we considered briefly, but I was mostly trying to figure out what might be good for fall.

There was this:

And this one:

And also this:

Nice, basic work options, right? But not one of them has that extra something to make me want to try it on, to scheme, to wait impatiently for a discount code. All pretty forgettable. I probably should've tried them on, I guess. Yawn.

Then we left and got ice cream. The end.


  1. So, at least there was ice cream, right? Not a completely wasted trip.

  2. I bought the grey belted dress (dress #3) - I went for a tall (even though I am not) so that it would cover my knees. It is rather structured, even stiff, but I bought my larger size and got a good fit. I think it is better for a pear shape like me, since there is a bit of room in the hips, but not as much in the bust.

  3. I have the first purple dress. I love it. It seems to fit me really well. Then again, I dress like a slob, so who even knows if it actually looks good on me.

    I love the belted grey dress. I will have to go back to BR and try it on.

  4. My regular Marshalls always has a ton of Calvin Klein dresses for $40-$50 that are very similar to the BR ones--plain, fairly structured, in heavy material that hangs well. Unfortunately CK still thinks most things should be gray, beige or black, but you do find the odd color here and there.