Monday, January 7, 2013

Adrien: All Business.

If I'd made any style resolutions (and I didn't because I'm far too lazy for that kind of bullshit) one of them would be to buy more blouses and get away from my t-shirt addiction. I bought this particular blouse last fall (I originally wore it here) and mostly like it for it's length and volume when worn with skinny jeans and boots. But hey, wouldn't it be cute tucked into a pencil skirt? Turns out, yes:

Of course it's cuter without the cardigan and I should have stripped down for the sake of the outfit but it was cold outside! I do not love you all that much. The skirt has more shape IRL, I promise.

See? Looks good from the side.

Details, details.
blouse: Pippa/Tegan (similar)
skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)
cardigan: Banana Republic (similar)
boots: Camper (spendy similar, inexpensive similar)
bag: Pulicati (similar)
necklace: House of Harlow Crater Locket (on sale!)


  1. Would you feck off Adrien with your similar skirt - now I WANT IT very deeply but there's no way I can afford to buy something for that price that I can't try on in advance. YOU FIEND. I hope you're proud of yourself, lady. You've instigated an Ebay obsession.

    1. I'm SORRY. I can't help it that awesome red pencil skirts exist in the world! But I hope you find one you love.

    2. bani says: I have, the one from J.Crew. *sob* But granted, it's but shallow internet love. ;-)

    3. Oh, shallow Internet love. This too shall pass, bani.

  2. Oh that IS a nice blouse tucked into a skirt! I like this look and I hear you about not taking off the cardigan - the other day I thought I would just post a photo in my coat, glove, and scarf because it was too cold to strip. The necklace is the perfect addition and I love how you cuffed the blouse over the cardigan.

  3. Dang it, that locket is so cool.

  4. I love Jcrew no. 2 pencil skirts. I hit the sale racks and can sometime find them for around $50. Still pricey but doable.