Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adrien: My Trifecta.

I didn't take any outfit photos over the holidays but I did do a lot of thinking about personal style and my wardrobe, thanks in part to a great gift from Marianne: I Want to Be Her! by Andrea Linett (of Sassy and Lucky, two magazines I dearly loved.)

Andrea Linett's style is very different from mine and what inspires her is not always what would inspire me, but it made me feel much better about the amount of time and energy I put into how I look. It's pretty well known among my friends that I'm into style/fashion and sometimes it worries me. Does my obsession with handbags make me appear shallow and materialistic? Maybe it does, but you know what? I like what I like.  I care about how I present myself to the world and I care about how the world sees me.

And, I suspect if you're reading this you probably feel the same.  (DEEP ADRIEN. SO DEEP.) We're all friends here and we like clothes and stuff, right? And we want to look pulled-together? And maybe be one of the women from Linett's book, the one who turns someone's head because we look so freaking awesome? God, yes.

So, I'm going to do a little series about what I think is important when it comes to stuff. By "stuff" I mean the things that shape my personal style and how I find it immensely satisfying to have an item that perfectly fits the picture I have in my head. That THING that really makes an outfit. Obtainable joy.

Now, obviously there are other factors at work - how you wear something can be just as important as what you wear and fit is really important. Also, accessories are great for making a basic outfit really interesting blah blah blah. But, I decided to just pick three things that I find most worthy of obsession and go with that:


MBMJ Hillier Hobo


Frye Melissa back zip


Banana Republic classic trench

Stay tuned!


  1. I agree with your choices (oddly, 3 things that were of my radar just a few years ago) and look forward to this series. I'd love advice on how to adore shoes without owning approximately ten thousands pairs.

  2. I have the BR trench in a petitie Medium that I think I have NEVER worn. Want it?

    1. Oh, you are sweet but I already own it. Why aren't you wearing yours?

  3. Yes, yes and yes!

    I went with blazers instead of overcoats in my own splurge list (thusly but I feel like I should go back and revise it because really good outerwear is so worth it. When it's cold or wet outside, most people don't see your amazing outfit, they see your coat.

  4. Also, I need to get that book. Next purchase after I finally finish the one from Stacey London.

  5. Perfect timing! Long story but as a Christmas bonus from my boss/friend, I got this purse:

    (I know, she is ridiculously awesome and I am nowhere near a good enough employee to deserve this)

    But it's not me - I tried the orange, but then I got a red and black coat for Christmas, so no go there.

    So now trying to decide:

    or this?:

    Your expert advice is appreciated! (and am open to other suggestions!) (and I will have to pay the price difference, I'm not that ballsy)

    1. Oh, what a nice boss! Of the two choices, I like the first one better by far. Another option to consider:


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