Thursday, January 24, 2013

Marianne Has A Question, Y'all.





M: It's Jessica Alba's Golden Globes Lipstick. I found it online and I'm all advanced polymers AND long lasting color with no flakiness? SIGN ME UP.


A: Oooh, that is fancy! I am intrigued. I reviewed Hourglass tinted moisturizer this past summer and liked it, though it was sparkly.

M: Oh god, I forgot about your Twilight period.

A: We don't talk about that.

M: ANYWAY, I am currently back to using that Oriental Gold BB Cream and it's okay. It's really pale though. I feel like I need extra blush with it.

A: I keep meaning to pull that out again and give it another shot. 

M: I like it fine. The coverage is good without being heavy, and it makes me less shiny than my Bobbi Brown tinted balm. But the second the sun comes out again it will be too light.

A: LIKE A VAMPIRE. (sorry.)  

A: I ordered a couple of things from Sephora recently so I could get my birthday gift. It included a mini of this Benefit Watt's Up! luminizer. It's magical! So good. 

Good stuff.

M: For some reason I don't want to like Benefit (too cutesy, maybe), but they have such nice stuff. I need to get over it.

A: It always annoys me when I like a Benefit product. It's so gimmicky but I regularly use (and have re-purchased) Dandelion and Benetint so the stuff that's good is really quite good. 

M: I sing the praises of their Bella Bamba blush to the rafters but it pains me to actually say Bella Bamba out loud.

A: There is no reason you should have to say that out loud. 

M: It's embarrassing! But it's the prettiest color and lasts all day and ugh. Ugh! You win, Benefit!

A: I will tell you what I didn't like, the accompanying mascara, They're Real! They're a real mess, maybe.

M: Oh I think I tried that and did not like it one bit. I am still so obsessed with my current mascara that I've already purchased one to give you when you visit next.

A: Yay! I still love The Colossal that you recommended. Ooh, also, I got a sample of the Worst Mascara Ever. Blinc. Worst. Ever. Evvvvvvvvvvvvvver.

I am awful.

M: That tubey mascara shiz freaks me OUT. It feels like it's pulling my lashes out when I remove it. Hate.

A: It's awful! Wet and thin and makes my eyelashes all spiky and stuck together. And the removal is very disturbing, as you say.

M: People really seem to love it! I don't understand.

A: I was really surprised at how bad it was.

M: On a related topic, I got a sample of some Clinique eye makeup remover and I actually really like it. Most removers give me a weird rash. I'm so special.

A: You are a delicate snowflake. I got a great Lancome remover with my Sephora fancy sample bag. It works really well and smells like an old lady. Which is appropriate.

M: Yeah, that seems just about right.


M: Sorry!

A: Are not.

M: Listen, you set them up, I just knock them down.

A: Mmmhmm. 

M: Let's not fight.

A: Fine.


  1. I'm surprised you hate Blinc mascara that much! It is the only mascara I've found that doesn't give me raccoon eyes. I agree that it is wet and that it doesn't make lashes very thick--looks natural on me. The removal works fine with a dedicated eye make up remover. At first I too was creeped out by the removal. But I got kinda used to it.

    1. It literally glued my lashes into sad little spikes. I'll give it another try but it was not a success.

  2. I don't think even Jessica Alba can pull off that lipstick color so I'd stay clear of it.

  3. I despise coral lipstick...having said that....if you do get it you HAVE to show us :)

  4. oh gosh, I went through an orange lipstick spell. It makes your teeth look more yellow. I was conflicted.
    That Blinc stuff IS terrible. So creepy to remove.
    So erm... on Monday I went on a WILD (shameful) shopping spree at Sephora and Ulta yet cheaped out on getting my fave Clinique Take the Day Off eye makeup remover (the kind you shake up) and instead got baby oil and witch hazel and half&halfed it in the old bottle. It works great! A lil greasy but I use it before I wash my face.

  5. I vote no on the lipstick, but only because I don't think that color looks good on anyone. I agree with Eileen, though. If you DO get it, please SHOWWWWWW us :)

  6. I'm on the tubey mascara team, actually, but I like the Beauty Tubes one - who is that, Revlon, maybe? I like it because it doesn't flake, like most do on me, but it's easy to get off, unlike the MAC mascara that I couldn't get off with remover and had to endure slowly wearing off in raccoony circles for three days, UGH. It hits all the requirements, so I can deal with the weird removal.