Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hipster Hate Rage.

A: Oxfords. We haz them.

source: The Sartorialist

M: Totally practical shoes for that weather. They seem smart.

A: I'm pretty sure one or both of those fools fell flat on their ass that day.

M: Pretty sure the deserved it. Hold on, it's pouring rain outside so Imma going to throw on some suede ballet flats.

A: Oh, that's fine! Perfectly appropriate footwear.

M: Warning, I'm about to turn into my mother. It's cold out! Button your coat for godssake.

A: Ugh, you are asking them to be so uncool when they SLIP AND FALL ON THEIR ASSES.

M: I'm sure the unbuttoned coat and slippery shoes look awesome while they tool around Antwerp or wherever on their hipster fixed gear bikes I HATE THEM.

A: Oh honey, it's okay, we all do.

M: So much rage. So much.

A: They are unmoved by your hipster rage.

M: Yeah, they really don't give a damn.

A: Or, they're just afraid to move.

M: More likely they are frozen solid.

A: Heh.


  1. My first thought was "Where are their gloves?" My hands get cold INSIDE in the winter, let alone outside.

  2. I think someone needs to send that dude to the website, "Should I Wear That Fedora? (No, You Shouldn't Wear That Fedora.)"