Monday, June 1, 2015


I had Kate take these outfit photos of me on Saturday not because I thought it was the Super Best Outfit Ever but because it's generally the way I dress on weekends. In short: kinda basic. However, I like to throw in a few little touches to keep basic from sliding into boringville. So, here is my summer weekend jeans 'n tee:

This is an Everlane v-neck tee which I love like crazy and my shorts are Old Navy Sweetheart from last year. (I recently bought a pair of roll up jean shorts from Lucky Brand to be this pair's slightly nicer cousin but that's a story for another entry.)

My necklace is a Giles & Brother hook necklace and I'm wearing Oakley Restless aviators which were totally worth the money. They are excellent for small faces. Moving down, I'm carrying my ancient MBMJ Hillier Hobo and wearing my new Lotta from Stockholm peeptoe clogs that you're all sick of hearing about, I'm sure. 

Hi, those are my legs that could probably use some bronzing lotion or something. A short and simple outfit but this is pretty much how I roll on the weekends when the weather is hot. Very exciting, I know.


  1. you look great! i bought that tee last year and lived in it all summer/fall, and then it went missing... thanks for the reminder i need to buy a new one!

  2. Love that shirt. I've been wanting a nice white tee, but how to you prevent/remove yellow deodorant stains from the armpits? It makes me hesitant to buy anything better than an Old Navy tee that I can get rid of in a year or two. I have googled, but with no luck (I've tried oxyclean, peroxide, etc.). But real people with nice white t-shirts must have answers, I hope?

    1. Lyn, try white vinegar. I have put cheap white vinegar into a spray bottle. I spray the arm pits of my t-shirts before putting them into the wash. Let them soak a little bit before starting the wash. You can also add maybe a quarter cup of white vinegar to an entire big load of laundry. Another great product for stains is "Gallseife"...which is a German word and I'm not sure there's any translation or product in the U.S. that is the same. I buy it in Germany which probably won't help you much unless you have plans to go to Germany some time in the future.

    2. Good tip with the vinegar! And Lyn, the Everlane basic tee that I'm wearing is $15, so they're not much more than Old Navy.


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