Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Stick It To J.Crew.

J.Crew has been getting some bad press lately, but that's no reason to not take advantage of the really good sale they have going on right now. You have to dig, but the deals are definitely there, especially in the final sale section. Right now you can get an extra 30% to 60% off sale items using promo code SHOPSALE plus 1.5% cash back with eBates. Here are my picks:


  1. That chevron dress is so sweet! I have a version of it from a couple of years ago that's seersucker and it is a favorite of mine!! Just as a warning, it's low cut.

  2. Black Falke tights for $18 is pretty amazing, thank you. I also ordered a $14 cardigan, little bit scared of how that might turn out.


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