Thursday, September 27, 2018

Outfit of The Day: Practically Respectable

Okay, so as I mentioned I bought some black work pants at Loft last weekend and I wasn't really excited about them but you know what? They're actually pretty good:

My farmer's tan? Not so much. Anyway, these are the Slim Pencil Pants in Marisa fit and unfortunately aren't on sale anymore though the regular Slim Pants in Marisa Fit are on sale. I don't really get the difference? Loft, you are confusing me. 

I really like that they hit right at the ankles and have a nice, wide waistband. They're decent black work pants! They also come in a grey plaid that I'm interested in, or will be when they're 40% off again. My top is from Ann Taylor and I've had it for years. It's just one of those easy print tops that I can't seem to quit! This print top at AT is really similar and I also like this split neck top.  Oh, and this henley shell at Loft is pretty similar as well. 

I threw my beloved J.Crew western chambray shirt over it as a cardigan replacement but I'm not sure I love how it looks here - something about the proportions is not working for me. Maybe something like this might have worked better? Or maybe just a really good denim jacket? That's my solution to everything these days.

My attempt to show you my earrings, which are from the Universal Thread line at Target. Unfortunately they seem to be gone, but Marianne loves these hoops, which are still in stock. My necklace is the Miansai mini hook which I told y'all to buy when it was on clearance for $19 at Barneys! They currently have some other pretty Miansai pieces on clearance but no mini hook. 

Okay, so I have this problem where it causes me physical pain to see adorable MBMJ bags go for pennies on Poshmark. This is my latest rescue and it's a Globetrotter Mini Rei, the little sister to my blue MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten bag. It's a little small, but I just love the saturated color.

And finally, my mules. If you follow us on Instagram you know my gold mules are from Target and I LOVE THEM. I don't usually buy cheap shoes but for $20 these just had to go home with me, you know? They also come in a few cute faux suede colors but I couldn't resist the gold color. Do they look like your grandma's house shoes? Maybe a little. Do I care? Not even a tiny bit.


  1. Loving this outfit. The shoes are great, and definitely look far more expensive then they are. And the bag is gorgeous too!
    Great top as well - I recently got one the Amanda Top from Boden, which is a similar style and currently in the sale.


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