Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We Discuss: The Downside of Shopping.

A: I really want a pair of Madewell mules. Something to bridge the gap between Birkenstocks and boots.

M: I am getting the damn leopard ones I think:

A: I’m stuck between those and the bronze with the heel:

M: I want something flat.

A: I don’t own a pair of mules, so I don’t know?

M: I will say if you want to try the style before committing Target has several that are very cute to experiment with.

A: Hmm

M: Leopard is backordered until December 🙄

A: Ugh, seriously, Madewell?

M: Yeah so that’s that. Who wants backless slides in December?

A: I went to the mall on my lunch break to return that shitty pilled sweater to BR and tried on some stuff at a few other stores. Everything I tried on was overpriced and ill-fitting. I don’t even know where to shop anymore.

M: Girl I KNOW.

M: What do we do.

A: Like, what am I supposed to do?

A: I tried on an $88 viscose blouse (hand wash!) that looked awful on.

M: I mean it’s handy that I don’t want anything I guess.

M: But

M: I'm just suddenly desperate for fall clothes and it's still 80 degrees. It's like a switch flipped.

A: I’m like, do I go full Eileen Fisher?

M: Under consideration for sure.

A: Semi-related, I rented a Joie blouse similar to this and loved it:

A: Do I just buy fewer things and try for nicer quality? I want to be that person.

M: That’s what I’m doing.

M: Or buying nicer stuff secondhand if I know the fit.

A: I love Posh but fit is an issue.

A: How does Vince run?

M: Oh well that’s timely because they changed their fit about two years ago and now it runs small and short when it used to run bigger and flowier. BULLSHIT.


M: I give up.

A: It’s so immensely frustrating.

A: Like, the brands that used to be known for quality are now just selling expensive crap.

A: Fit is all over the place.

M: It’s just great.

A: The sweater I returned to BR? I wore it ONE TIME and it was so horribly pilled by the end of the day that I actually marched back there to return it. They didn’t argue at all.

M: Good for you.

A: I was pissed. Like, give me my $28 back.


M: TARGET is literally the only place showing me clothes I like.

A: I wish there was a higher-end Target line. Like, this line but quality.

M: Same.

A: sigh

(To be continued...) 


  1. I am currently wearing the heeled mules (in black), and have the leopard ones on backorder. The heeled ones are very comfortable and easier to walk in than I anticipated. I needed to order a half size up. If you're going to choose one, I'd go with the leopard though. I find flats more versatile.

  2. I’m currently wearing the Target mules in the rust color. They’re cute, cheap, and comfortable!

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe worth reconsidering! I just had a hard time with fit.

  4. I want to love mules so badly but every time I wear them out I can't go one block without flinging at least one off. Usually in a busy crosswalk.

  5. I have the Madewell Remi Bow mules in pinot noir and I love them so much. I've worn them a couple of times a week since I bought them and I love them even more every time I wear them. They're super comfy and come up pretty high so I've had no issues with them coming off my foot. Highly, highly recommend.


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