Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Stuff I Like: Reading, Listening, Playing, Travel

Yay! I like stuff! It's been a while so I have a bunch of stuff saved up to tell you about.

This New Novel From Kate Atkinson!
Okay, so I just downloaded this book on my Kindle and haven't actually read it, but Kate Atkinson is one of my very favorite authors and I am super excited to read Transcription. If you've never read any of her books, I'd make two suggestions. First, her Jackson Brodie series is amazing! Case Histories is the first in the series, so start with that one. (There's a BBC show based on these books that is excellent, but the books are better.) I also recommend Life After Life which is a sort-of reincarnation story set in WWII England.

(Related, but my other favorite writer, Tana French, has a new book coming out Oct 9th! I am beside myself. I'll talk more about her in the next Stuff I Like post.)

Serial Is Back And So Far It's Not Disappointing.
Like most people, I loved the first season of Serial and hated the second one. Season three is out now and I've listened to the first two episodes with interest. While I really like the premise this season I'll admit that I miss the "one story" suspense of season one. Really, nothing they do will ever be as gripping as season one. What do you think so far?

This Addictive Game Marianne Suggested
I spent a lot of time in airports recently and Marianne suggested I download the game Hole. io, which she and her daughter are both into. It's really fun and each game is only two minutes long, so it's not a huge commitment (though I do tend to play 5-6 rounds in a row.) The premise is that you're a black hole and you eat stuff to get bigger than the other holes so you can eat bigger stuff. I don't do a lot of games but this one has both me and my boyfriend pretty addicted.

A Few More Travel Recommendations

This Travel Pillow With a Hood
Marianne bought this inflatable travel pillow recently before a flight and said it was wonderful - the hood is super cozy! I am still on the fence about my Turtl and I accidentally left my eye mask on the plane so I'm very tempted by this one.

Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer
This was a travel recommendation from Fat Mascara and YOU GUYS. This stuff is so much nicer than your usual gel hand sanitizer! I love that it's all natural, not anti-bacterial and it smells really nice. It also doubles as bathroom freshener if you happen to be sharing an unventilated hotel bathroom. Ahem.


  1. I have a long flight coming up and am looking at the hoodie/neck pillow. Desperate for something besides sleeping pills to knock me out. I just finished Not the End of the World - Kate Atkinson is so wonderful and so OUT THERE.

    1. Oh, the short stories! THEY ARE WEIRD but in the best way.

  2. Kate Atkinson and Tana French are two of my favorite authors too! So excited about their new books.


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