Thursday, September 6, 2018

Stuff I Don't Like: Packing.

HELLO. I am leaving for my trip TOMORROW. London! Paris! I can hardly believe it and I'm super excited. I've re-read all of your fabulous comments on my initial travel stuff post and taken it to heart. All week long I've been working on my packing list and it's confounding. Packing? Is hard. Trying to pack light? IS HARD.

A: Girl, I need your help.

M: What??


M: Hahahahaha

A: Okay, London is 53-74 degrees, probably raining on Saturday

M: You are going to give yourself an ulcer

A: I already have an ulcer and someone stole my dinner so I am PRETTY KEYED UP

A: Paris is 58-84 and sunny!

A: What fucking jackets do I take to cover all of this

M: I say this with LOVE but you are overthinking this


ANYWAY! She talked me down and we discussed all my options. And before you judge my packing anxiety please remember that a) I don't travel a lot and b) I am not a laid-back person. Anxiety is my cardio, you guys. ALSO: decisions have been made! I am not seeking advice! Do not make me cry by pointing out everything I am doing wrong! I have to live, you guys. Now this is what I’ve decided to take (more or less):

All of this all fits easily in a medium-sized suitcase (which I'm checking) with plenty of room left for whatever I buy on my trip. I'm sticking to a palette of mostly black, navy, grey and olive green. Marianne in her wisdom laid out my outfit options in two versions:

Chilly weather: Madewell jacket (similar) + sweater + jeans + scarf + Chelsea boots + crossbody 

I feel good about this! It's all my favorite stuff, lots of layers, easy outfits. I am taking a break from the blog next week but I'll be posting updates on my personal IG and on the Looks Good IG, so follow along if you so wish! And thanks again for all your great advice and comments on previous travel posts. Y'all are the best. 


  1. For the love of god, don’t check your luggage!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It's a direct flight. Settle down.

    2. Check your luggage, it's fine. I travel to both places and I get luggage in Paris WAY faster than it comes in Baltimore.

  2. Bon voyage! It's gonna be an amazing trip and you are smart for leaving room for shoppin'. Can't wait to follow on IG and see your packing in play.

  3. Everything sounds perfect! And I think checking your bag is a good call. Have an amazing time!!!

  4. Have a great trip!! Can't wait to see photos.

  5. "Anxiety is my cardio"...LOL. Please have t-shirts made! Bon voyage and have a wonderful trip!

  6. LOVE your two capsules and am pinning them . . . now. Perfect for all weathers and also good for shopping! Have a grand vacation, and remember to breathe.

  7. I travel a lot and honestly, it sounds like you nailed it. Have fun!!

  8. I just want to know the story about your dinner getting stolen!

    1. Ha, I'd ordered a Hello Fresh box but forgot to change my address in my account. I went by my old apartment to rescue it and someone in my building had stolen it. Jerks.


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