Monday, September 24, 2018

Stuff I Bought: Fall Pants Panic Edition

I have been having a bit of an...edit with my closet lately because when you sell everything on Poshmark that doesn't fit or isn't your style anymore, you aren't really left with much. I mean, I have probably 800 striped shirts and some jeans but I've started to get REAL casual at work and even though nobody has said anything, it's starting to bother me. Like, I used to wear stuff like this to work on the reg! I was DRESSED. (I still have that skirt but I'm afraid to try it on.)

ANYWAY, since I'm all about the pants now I thought maybe I should buy some pants. Kate and I went to Loft last weekend since they have 40% off everything (code NEWNOW) and I TRIED, you guys. I tried really hard. I mean, obviously I tried on the faux leather leggings first:

Let me save you some money: they are AWFUL, thick and heavy. They also smelled really bad in a chemical way that I struggle to describe. (I suggest the Spanx faux leather leggings instead.) I also really wanted to try on these:

Which are actually leggings (shut up) but they run small and didn't have the next size up I needed. I like the cute zippers though. I also thought these looked cute:

But, surprise! They didn't have my size. I tried on a different version of their skinny pants and found that they clung to my calves and bunched up in a way that was not charming. Nope. I did really like the brushed sateen legging/jeans but they didn't have my size in any color. I hate you, Loft. Anyway, I finally settled on these:

They are fine. Nothing exciting,  just slim black pants that seem to fit me adequately and are more professional than my Madewell black coated jeans. Maybe I'll post an outfit later this week. And, because I was looking for more ways to be disappointed by Loft pants, I marched home and ordered these:

Both of which are...technically leggings. Man, I am BAD AT THIS. I also ordered this, so maybe I won't be returning everything? 

There's no way it'll be that pretty in real life right? Why do I even bother. I'll report back when my order arrives. 

PS. Remember those plaid pants from Target that Marianne told me not to buy? GUESS WHAT I DID.


  1. I hate pants shopping. That said, I've had good luck with the ponte pants from Brass Clothing (also basically leggings, but thick enough one can pretend they're pants). And, crazy though it may sound, the Juliet pants from Chicos (I know, I know) are actually kind of great.

    1. Chico’s, eh? I’m curious!

    2. I know. I know. Most of their stuff is But the pants are pretty good (so long as you can avoid the crazy colors and prints).

    3. Oh, and they come in different lengths. As a tall person this is a must for me, or I just look silly.

  2. I bought these in black because pull-on and they are best things ever with flats and a tucked in top. Elastic waist + fake real pant details = win

    Also, seconding those Brass ponte pants. They also have elastic waist with fake real pant details which is pretty much my jam.


  3. Do you still have those Chie Miharas from the throwback photo? They were cute. You should wear them again.

    1. No, I don’t have them anymore. Super cute but a really high heel.


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