Friday, December 17, 2010

Adrien: Gap Denim Awesomeness.

The minute I saw this Gap button-down denim skirt on the website I wanted it:

Mid-length Skirts by Gap at ShopStyle

But Gap? You know what? You've made it impossible for me to buy anything full price. So I waited, I scored a 30% off code and I ordered it in a size 6. It arrived and I loved it but was too big in the waist. I worried about sizing down because of the fun button-front gape that seems to happen with skirts, but fine. FINE. I returned and ordered a size 4 and I'm happy to report that it's perfect:

The denim is not too thick or stiff and it definitely has a little stretch too it. I just love how all-season this skirt is! I can absolutely see myself wearing it in the summer with platform sandals and in the fall and spring with bare legs and boots or mary janes.

And yeah, I wore it to work because I think it's refined enough to pass. Nobody sent me home to change, anyway.

sweater: Gap Ultrasoft v-neck
skirt: Gap Button-front denim skirt 
boots: Frye Tina Campus (similar)
bag: Marc Jacobs "New Tote" (not really similar, but awesome)
necklace: Charming Charlie (similar)


  1. Great skirt. I don't think you saw my comment from Dec 14, so I'm posting here again:
    Can you take a close-up photo of the necklace you're wearing? also, where did you get it? it looks great! Love the red skirt too.

  2. Oh, I love this skirt on you! Also, I need you to go ahead and send me those boots. You know my address.

  3. Anonymous, sorry! I tried to reply yesterday but the browser I use at home eats comments. Anyway, it's Banana Republic and it's a gold bar with a pyramid stud pattern. I'll try and get a close-up for you. It's not on the BR website anymore, but you might get lucky and find one in-store.

  4. Thanks Adrien for the follow-up on the necklace. I guess I'll go to BR and see if I can find it. Thank you!

  5. I love that skirt - I tried it on at Gap a couple of weeks ago but, like you, cannot pay full price for anything at Gap. I sent the hubs a link to the skirt as a large xmas hint. Fingers crossed.

  6. I love this skirt on you and am so happy you bought it! Yay skirt!

  7. Anonymous, my Banana had a somewhat different version of the necklace in the sale bin - it was silver, not gold, and the bar hangs horizontally instead of vertically. If you're interested, email me!

  8. I like the necklace you have because I'm actually looking specifically for gold, not silver, and I like a bar that hangs vertically. But thank you anyway!

  9. I love that skirt! Unfortunately, it's sold out online in my size and I'm not sure I'll get to the store anytime soon. Sigh.

  10. Cute! I would probably never look at that twice in the store, but you're right--it's super versatile!


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