Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adrien: I'm Freezing My Ass Off.

It got sharply colder here in the last week and if you don't know this about me, you will now: I hate the cold. I hate winter weather, I hate being cold, I hate that I sit at my desk wearing a wool sweater AND a wrap around my shoulders but am still shivering like a sad, wet poodle. I'm so cold, y'all. And it's not even winter yet!  This is why I stopped making fun of the Ugg boot trend the second I put my foot in one because it's like wearing a blanket of fluffy warm love around your feet. I immediately went out about bought a pair of equivalent-quality BearPaws.

They are awesome! However, I mostly just wear them around the house because they are not attractive. These, however, are:

Boots by UGG at ShopStyle

Fleece-lined boots! That look like boots! I want. Maybe one day. For those who also can't afford that sweetness, I recommend the two following items, both of which I bought last weekend:

This thing is amazing. I rarely pay full price for Target clothing but given the choice between this one for $20 and an on-sale unlined version for $14? No contest. I bought it and wore it all weekend. It's not sexy, but man, it is WARM. I am actually considering buying a second one to wear when the "fur" in this one goes all weird and chunky.

The second thing I bought is something I'd read about on a message board and was skeptical about because in general I don't like cheap tights.

Merona Brushed Lined Tights.

Fleece. Lined. Tights. I said it, now you say it. It's like a dream come true, no? I am wearing them right now and YOU GUYS. These things are GREAT. They're also very, very matte and black, which I desire in tights because I cannot abide sheerness of any kind. Plus, they are soft and warm! And $10! There are two downsides, though.

First, they're not on the website and I had to go to two different stores to find them. Second, I think they only come in S/M and M/L. I bought the M/L and they fit. I am sort of average in height and weight so if you're especially tall these may not work for you. Also, I've only worn them a couple of times, so I have no idea how they'll hold up, but for now my legs are toasty warm and happy. There are also more expensive versions of this available, so if these self-destruct, I'll probably shell out the extra bucks for these:

Hosiery at Bare Necessities at ShopStyle

So that's it. Those are my weekend finds, sad but warm. What is your favorite winter accessory? Also, do you think I'll blow a fuse if I turn on the contraband space heater under my desk?


  1. Adrien, thank you! I am SO buying those tights.

  2. I was getting so excited about those tights until you got to the part about the fit. Wah.

  3. I just bought the Merona Brushed Lined Tights. LOVE THEM.

  4. I work in a library and we had a fire a few years back and now space heaters are verboten (even though they were not the cause of the fire). Wah!

    My husband is finding himself especially cold this winter and I told him it's because he's lost his layer of blubber since he went Primal. Maybe you've lost yours too. I, on the other hand, seem to have a little extra.

  5. I am going to have to get myself a pair of fleece lined tights. I had no idea such a thing even existed.

    A few years ago, I locked myself out of the house on a night when the temperature was about -20(celcius). I was wearing a pair of unlined dress boots, not exactly practical in the middle of a Canadian winter. While I was waiting for my husband to come home with the key, I went to the mall and bought a pair of thinsulate lined boots. They're the best winter accessory I've ever purchased.

  6. Adrien, are you reading my mind? The first paragraph describes me exactly (you can pry my Uggs from my cold, dead toes). And strangely enough, I spent about half an hour this morning googling fleece-lined tights and found the Plush pair. Since they're a little expensive, I decided to wait it out. I'm glad I did, because here is your awesomely warm and cozy post! Now I need to go stalk the Merona tights from Target... Did I mention that I love you?

  7. Danielle, I'd never heard of them either but once I started reading about them I HAD TO HAVE.

    Mich, good luck! I hope you find a pair.

  8. Do you remember the time that Janet and I plugged our heaters in at the same time? And blew that end of the building for ALL THREE FLOORS? Yeah, who's three floors above our office, eh?

    Thought Hoogakker was going to kill me.

    Also, it was May. MAY.

  9. I live in north east Florida and while it does get cold here, its my office that stays 62 degrees year round (umm...brrr?)I got caught with my contraband under-the-desk heater and it was confiscated! Some nonsense about fire code. Blah, blah, blabbity-blah. I now have an electric blanket that I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I hate Uggs because they aren't pretty, but I'm about to jump on the UGG bandwagon. Maybe I can hide THOSE under my desk without fear of confiscation!

  10. Those are the most attractive fur-lined boots I have ever seen! Nice find :)

    I'm actually contemplating a pair of plus sized fleece lined tights. Before this week I had no idea they existed, and they just sound so comfortable! Thanks for mentioning the sizing w/the Merona tights. Sometimes their m/l fits, but now I know to keep looking.