Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adrien: Stay Puffed.

Coats were never my thing until I met Nina. I was happy having one or two basic coats that I'd wear until they became unspeakable and fell apart. Then I became friends with Nina who has some of the most amazing coats I've ever seen, and my eyes were opened because a good coat can make you look sharp and pulled-together like nothing else. Seriously!

Now I am the owner of many coats, though I didn't have a super warm coat to wear for my trip to Chicago last winter. So, Nina was nice enough to lend me one of her collection, a Cole Haan down-filled number with a belt and fold-over collar. The coat was amazingly warm and also easy to stuff into the overhead bin on the airplane. It was also surprisingly attractive for a big puffy coat. (It's hard to be glamorous when you're wrapped in a sleeping bag with sleeves.) I was sad to give it back! That's why when Nina offered to sell it to me dirt cheap back in August I jumped at the chance. I secretly hoped that by purchasing it, I'd ensure that it wouldn't snow at all this year.


And my outfit, shortly before my face froze and fell off:

The things I do for you people.

coat: Cole Haan (similar)
skirt: Anthropologie (similar)
breton top: Boden (similar)
sweater: Banana Republic
tights: Merona brushed lined (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)
bag: Marc Jacobs Blake (similar)


  1. I love the different options for how to wear the collar. My friend used to have a coat like this that she let me borrow, but it was dangerous. Every time I leaned my head ever so slightly to the side it was like I was resting on a pillow, and I would drift off to sleep. Those were some of the best naps I ever took... I miss that coat.

  2. I wouldn't survive the winter without my puffy coat! This one is fabulous! I enjoy your red skirt paired with stripes.

  3. Can you take a close-up photo of the necklace you're wearing? also, where did you get it? it looks great! Love the red skirt too.