Thursday, December 2, 2010

Marianne: You're all part of my J.Crew fantasy.

Some days you just want to be warm. And comfortable. And pretend you're living in a J. Crew catalog. Again.
Sometimes you pack cute, work-appropriate flats, but then never take off your incredibly cozy new duck boots (that you got for a crazy steal!).
And sometimes you let your toddler take a picture, just to see what happens.
sweater: LOFT (similar here)
coat: Colebrook (similar here)
scarf: J. Crew (similar here)


  1. Oh, to be close enough to raid your closet.

  2. After seeing Adrien's Unfettered post, and now this, I really need to see you doing one of those silly jump poses from the JCrew catalog. You know, for authenticity :-) Like the one where the model is jumping straight up into the air, with one leg kicked back behind the other. What is that about???

    Also, Ann Taylor/LOFT's Modern Slim Fit jeans are my new crack. How did it take me so long to find these? Your cords look adorable.

  3. Wren, I will try for a jumping picture today! It's hard when you're taking pictures with a self timer. The things I do for y'all.

    Now I want to try the jeans version!

  4. I did this on Tuesday - wore my Uggs in to work and never ended up switching into "real" shoes. Luckily no one noticed, and I was so much more comfy!

  5. You are one pretty lady, lady. Super cute!

  6. Those are great boots! Also, I need to hit up LOFT more often. They have cute stuff (as evidenced by your ensemble).

  7. I personally think the toddler did quite well. Quite well indeed.