Monday, November 3, 2014

Blog Science: Subscription Boxes.

Confession: I use the blog as an excuse to sign up for subscription boxes even though it's really just that I love getting happy surprises in the mail. (Who doesn't?) I'd been pretty happy with Birchbox and had been successfully managing to resist the fancy PopSugar Must Have boxes right up until Marianne texted me to say that she got the latest one and it's a really freaking good. Ugh. I am very easily swayed so I cancelled Birchbox and signed up for the Must Have box. It arrives and holy hell this is NICE STUFF.

Now, I know you're thinking, NO. I do not need a random box 'o stuff that i did not pick out! But Marianne pointed out correctly that many of the items would make great gifts, and she's absolutely right. The contents of the box are worth quite a bit more than the cost, so it's really smart shopping if you're not a greedy, greedy hoarder. (But I'm not judging if you are.)

My box arrived super-fast because apparently Pop Sugar was having major shipping issues in October and was trying to make it right. I have no complaints about that since my box was overnighted, though the payment page was a little glitchy. Here's what was in the box:

Look at all that! It was like Christmas. Okay, I am far too lazy to photograph each individual thing, but here's a rundown, with my comments:

Mine Design's chalkboard soy candle. This is a clever idea! My candle is pomegranate and smells really nice. The surface of the glass is black chalkboard and it comes with a piece of chalk so you can write "fuck off" and give it to your frienemy. Or maybe that's not what you're supposed to do, I didn't read the directions. Anyway, I will probably give this to someone as a gift. Heh.

Happy Socks! Designed in Sweden, these animal print socks were BY FAR my favorite thing in the box. They're high-quality, I freaking love the print and who doesn't like cute socks?

Butter LONDON's WINK Eye Pencil in Earl Grey Yay! I love makeup surprises when it's something I'll actually use. This is a nice pencil in a dark shimmer grey. It looks just like the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil (both made in Germany, so probably literally exactly the same) which is good stuff. I've used it a couple of times already! Keeper.

Isaac Jacobs International Block Frame I love the simplicity of this magnetic frame and will probably give it as a gift even though I very much want to keep it for myself. It's appealing and modern. I want it. For me.

Nailed Kit Halloween decals. I don't really do nail decals so I pulled these out to give to my teenage niece. They aren't in the photo because I forgot to put them back in. Underwhelmed by this one.

Pumpkin Spice Maltballs from Dean & DeLuca. I generally roll my eyes at any pumpkin spice flavored thing that isn't actually pie, but I'm sure these are tasty. I will probably give them as a gift. Or eat them. We'll see.

K Hall Design's Shoreline vegetable soap Hey, it's a bar of really nice soap. This could be a gift or maybe I'll just keep it. I can always use nice soap.

$40 credit for Blue Jeans Bar Express I'm not really into subscription shopping services, so I doubt I'll use this.

All in all a good box of stuff! The retail for all this is over $100, which makes it a screaming deal especially when you consider that I used a $10 off code, bringing my price down to a little less than $30. If you're interested, check out PopSugar Must Have. (my referral link.) I don't think the Oct box is available anymore, but the November box should be available soon and you can get $10 off your first box with code SPOOKY.

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  1. Lovely box 'o stuff! I'm taking a break on 'stuff', but will be looking at subscription type services next year :-)