Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Sephora Cart: F&F Version.

Tomorrow! The once-a-year Sephora Friends & Family starts tomorrow for VIB* status folks: 20% off with GIFTVIB. For some reason Sephora has gotten really scroogey with the codes so this only works if you have VIB status.

ALSO. Right now Sephora has some really great deluxe sample bags with code SEASONSET but you can't use that code and the F&F promotion together. I am a slut for deluxe samples, so I may make two orders. (I'm that girl, yep.)  And of course derp, 4.0% back with eBates.

So, what's in my shopping cart? Some of it is just stuff I am running out of, but there are a few new things I'm dying to try:

I really love Tweezerman tweezers until I drop them on the floor and bend up the tips. I know you can send them in to be sharpened but I have never actually done that. I just buy a new pair. (Has anyone ever sent a pair in?)

TWEEZERMAN Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer

I got a deluxe sample of this powder and just this morning used up the last bit, so I guess I like it. That sample lasted forever, so I'm hoping this tin will last me the rest of my life.

My friend Ashley has this palette and I tried it and angels sang. My eyes are begging for some non-shimmery eye shadow so I am just going to buy the damn thing.

URBAN DECAY Naked Basics Palette

My old friend, Benetint. This little bottle is expensive but lasts for a long time and stays put.


This shampoo/conditioner gets rave reviews and I've liked the Alterna stuff I've tried in the past. I'm ordering travel sizes because I have commitment issues.

ALTERNA CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
To file under Stuff I Want But Won't Be Buying:

You guys. I really really really want to order this fancy hair dryer:

Drybar Big Hair Don't Care Holiday Kit

I’m so, so tired of my shitty drugstore hair dryer but I just can’t justify the price of this set, even though it's a pretty good deal.  I also think this palette is glamorous and life-changing:

Givenchy Palette Extravaganza Lip & Eye

I need it not even a little bit but dang. So, so pretty.

*If you're not VIB, start checking Retailmenot and the like. People will post their one-time codes but you have to be fast. You can also go into a Sephora and ask an employee for the discount, which sometimes works. Or, tell Sephora to go straight to hell and take advantage of the F&F 20% off deal going on right now!


  1. After using a really powerful hairdryer at a fancy hotel I asked my hairdresser. He sold me a Super Solano. It was pricey but I have owned it for years and I love it! Mine has metal and plastic attachments. I was warned the metal attachment can get hot and it does! I cannot remember what I paid but I want to say it was in the $160 range. Amazon has them for $100 or so. What I love about the Super Solono brand is I contacted them after breaking the lint screen and they sent me two for free - didn't even ask for shipping costs. The moral of my story is a good hairdryer is worth it!

    1. Oh, thank you! That's a great recommendation.

    2. Another hour for the Solano off Amazon. I have had mine for 4 years and it works perfectly still. They make good flat irons, too.

  2. Ah, thanks for the ebates reminder .. totally forgot about that! And the Alterna Caviar is worth every dime.


  3. I have sent my Tweezerman tweezers for sharpening at least a dozen times over the years (I have four pair). You definitely should! They return magically like new!

    1. I seriously have three pairs I can't even use. I will do it!

  4. That Alterna shampoo is fabulous. I'm going to Sephora next weekend and am making my list. I need a powder, but I'm concerned the Tarte might be a bit too drying for me. I am currently using a sample of the Makeup Forever high def. powder and it's okay, but probably not good enough for me to buy it full sized.

    1. I wasn't that crazy about the MUFE powder either. The Tarte stuff isn't drying on me but I only use a tiny bit. Maybe check out the Smashbox version? It's supposed to be moisturizing. The Sephora F&F ends on Monday, just FYI!

  5. I've sent in several pairs of Tweezermans for sharpening. They are returned sharp as knives and include a little slip with the name of the individual who did the sharpening (nice touch).

    If it's any consolation, I bought a schmancy Solano hair dryer once and the on/off toggle switch broke after a month (and I couldn't reach the company to have it fixed/replaced so I had to toss it and stew angrily). My Remington dryer from Target performs beautifully and is still going strong after three years.


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