Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adrien: This Shirt Again.

I recently posted an outfit wearing this BR blouse and since then it has become a wardrobe staple. I get cranky when it's in the laundry pile and I am probably going to buy another one in black or olive. (And by "black or olive" I mean black. Who am I kidding.)

I prefer it in it's untucked state, but I think it works okay with a pencil skirt, and I love the red and slate grey together. I'm telling you, you should probably just buy this blouse. It's washable, perfectly drapey doesn't require ironing. Here's another nearly identical photo: 

And the detail shot. My skirt is Ann Taylor from long ago, but this red pencil skirt should fit the bill. My boots are Camper (long discontinued) and my bag is Andrea Brueckner, my answer to the Mulberry Bayswater I'll never own. Wah wah. 

Oh! And apologies for the creepy ear-close-up but I got these little House of Harlow tassel earrings at the Nordstrom Rack in Chicago for a song. You know how I like the tassels. 

That's it! Now go buy that blouse if you have need for such thing. It's good.


  1. I like the idea of this shirt but I'm top heavy. Anyone else have this who is in my predicament?

  2. I have this shirt and I am a DD and it fits perfectly, no gapping. I love it even more now that Adrien said it's machine-washable.


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