Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adrien: Super Casual.

I wore this last Friday to work and was pretty happy with my casual-at-work look. I started with the blouse tucked but I just get annoyed with it and eventually it gets untucked. Not the most flattering, probably, but sometimes comfort wins.

The blouse is this one from Banana Republic and it's great - washable, easy to wear, casual without being sloppy. I'm not sure that the color is doing amazing things for my complexion, but it only comes in meh and I love meh, so whatever. My jeans are the Gap Real Straight which I previously wrote about here. I continue to love them very, very much. Just the perfect length and a simple, dark wash. 

What's down below? That would be my MBMJ Baby Groovee bag and my Madewell sidewalk skimmers. Whee.

And this! This is the best part. I bought this Giles & Brother hook necklace during the Piperlime sale and it's SO GOOD. Just simple and shiny and I get a ton of comments on it. Highly recommend.

That's it! A lot of new things but it's all fitting in with my style/wardrobe nicely, which gives me hope that I'm getting better at buying the right stuff.


  1. Very neat and nifty look. Sophisticated.

  2. Grey looks really good with your coloring! Not "meh" at all. Also the proportions of the outfit are flattering on you. Am I the only one who is attracted to buying something from "Giles and Bros" only because I love the name "Giles"... (Buffy the Vampire reference...) ~Anon. L.

  3. The grey-olive colour is great on you, makes you glow. In fact, I love the whole outfit. It's stylish like you just tossed it on and yet, so chic. That effortless-elegance thing you're doing is hard to pull off (in my experience).

  4. I just ordered that shirt in "dark charcoal" - is that the color you are wearing? I hope so, I really like the color on you, so I'm hopeful.


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