Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Name That Celeb.

A: Well. Huh.

L: Are we quite...sure....this is Renee?

A: Apparently this is Renee Zellweger.

L: What has she done? Everything?

A: She traded faces with someone else?

L: I mean, I always thought that she had a bit of a sour-lemon pucker, but that was her face! I really don't think Bridget Jones would approve.

A: She looked fine! Is this is what happens when you botox All The Things?

L: I FIGURED OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!! Her face isn't that different (sure some peeling and some smoothing and some botoxing), but it's her eyebrows. She didn't put them on. Observe:

L: Just look what some very rudimentary (and admittedly bad - but give me a break it's lunchtime!) Photoshopping will reveal:

A: YES. You totally nailed it. This is why I feel like an alien if I forget to fill in my brows.

L: Yep! Anytime I look in the mirror and I'm like, "SOMEthing is not.....quite....riiiiiight," it's always that I forgot the eyebrow pencil.

A: I've never had a problem with people not recognizing me, though.

L: Point taken.

A: It would come in handy, though.

L: Totally know what I'm going as for Halloween now. Unrecognizable me/Me sans eyebrows!


  1. I think she actually STOPPED using fillers, Botox etc so her face has kind of calmed down and become less squinty. Just my theory though. If she had filled in her brows I think she would look great.

    1. Ah! That's an interesting possibility. I think she looks fine, just SO different.

    2. VERY interesting possibility. And maybe that would explain her response that she was "glad people noticed the difference."

  2. Yeah, the photo definitely does look like Renee Zellweger, only...different. Completely different. Photo has the same face shape, the same nose, the same mouth, the same eyes, but just...different. It's actually scary, because I don't think she SHOULD look completely different, and yet she DOES. It's bizarre.

    Erin above nailed it, I think--her face has relaxed. It's not as "tight". It's the same features, but softer and more mature, I guess.

    Fascinating. She looks good, really. Just different.

  3. Thank you! I really dont see a huge difference other than age and her face maturing. She looks great!

  4. Definitely right on the eyebrows- but I heard that she had an eye-lid lift or something, if true, that would really alter the trademark part of her look- that Charlotte Rampling lid (but not sleepy like CR) and make her look very different.
    I still can't pinpoint why she looks so different though, it is weird. A combination of things, probably, age, a bit of this or that...and her hair is different- sounds dumb, but she always had sortof silky stuff around her face with shine and bright color, and shorter, and now looks a bit scraggly, very high off of her forehead with a meh hairline and rather non-descript in color.