Monday, October 13, 2014

The Boot Equation.

It’s boot season so I thought I’d talk about boots. Specifically, how many pairs you need for a proper boot wardrobe. The correct number of boots to own is of course n+1, where n is the number of boots currently owned. Even if you think your boot game is tight, there’s always room for one more pair…right? Minimum boots I think you need in your life:

Basic, good quality low-heeled riding boot.
Spend some money on these! As I said in a post I wrote last year, cheap boots are just not the same. If you can find a great, quality pair inexpensively, that’s great, but don’t waste your money on cheaply-made boots. Trust me on this. Buy these in whatever color you'll wear the most. For me, that's black but I also have a pair that are brown because hey, why not.

Sleek black dress boot.
This is a nice option if you work in a more conservative office or for wearing out on a date. A classic tall boot with a bit of a heel will get you through all kinds of dressy events.

Black ankle boots with a stacked heel.
This is a more fashion-forward choice and a little trendy right now, which is kind of great because you can find decent knockoffs of really cool expensive styles. This kind of boot works with skirts and tights, skinny jeans, or even just to give you a little height when worn with your plain old boot cuts. It’s more versatile that you’d think.

So, that is the BARE MINIMUM boots you should own. Like, maybe you live in Florida or you have hard-to-fit legs and can’t find styles you like that fit correctly. If you’re good on that front and ready for more, what other styles should you consider?

Motorcycle boots*:
I bought my Frye Veronica boots because they seemed so awesomely badass but I was worried that I would look like a dummy wearing them. Nope. Motorcycle boots, tall or short are just great all-around stomping boots that will serve you well for all kinds of casual occasions. Also, if you actually have a motorcycle (or ride with someone else on one) a good pair will help protect your feet which is what they’re designed to do.

Clog boots (or something similarly wacky):
I bought my Ugg Lynnea man-repelling boots not because I thought they’d be super versatile or sexy, but because I loved them. They’re kind of odd and only really work with jeans or leggings, but I no care. They are close to my heart. Wacky boots are fun for YOU and screw what anyone else thinks.

Cute cold weather boots.
My friend Ashley lives in Chicago and snowboot are a necessary part of her wardrobe. They don't have to be ugly! I promise.

Chelsea boots.
These seem like they'd be a challenge to style correctly but how freaking cool are they? That's enough of a reason for me.

Something you love already in a different color.
I love my Loeffler Randall Matilde boots SO MUCH. They're my favorite and I really want another pair in cognac. They won't get quite as much wear as my black pair, but I already know I love the style so the hard part is out of the way.

Your odd heart's desire.
Life is too short to only have boring boots. If you love it and you can afford it, just buy it. You can totally pull off gold boots! (I tell myself.)

What did I miss? Do tell.

*Or cowboy boots if you lean that way. I have no advice on cowboy boots because I do not lean that way.


  1. I love your equation... no such thing as enough boots for me! Love those gold ones, I've had my eye out for flat gold boots, but I'm not sure where I'll where them. I would also add rain boots (Hunters for me) to the list
    My coworkers laugh, but I live in boots all winter. I'll do flats or sneakers in spring and fall, but boots are just too perfect for temps below 50.

  2. Combat boots! Doc Martens or similar. And rain boots, Hunter or something wacky!

  3. This year I'm on the hunt for suede, low-heel, over-the-knee boots. All the ones I like are over $500. No thanks.

  4. My cowboy boots came today. I am not a cowboy. They look pretty cool but I have no idea what to wear them with.

  5. You might not think you would get a lot of wear out of these booties, but you would be very surprised:

    And these are for my frisky days:

  6. I would add something like SE Petty boots but I guess that is similar to the Chelsea in terms of where/how you would wear them. And for me lace-up boots! I have a pair of Frye Villagers I still wear as well as a flat pair of black suede knee high lace ups from NW.

  7. I'm on the verge of purchasing the Veronica talls in Black, but wonder if I can ask you is you went down 1/2 size in them. For most of the Fryes I have, I've had to do that and wonder if this is the case with these..thanks! :-)

    1. No, I'm an 8 in all my Frye boots and I bought an 8 in the Veronicas. (And 8 is my normal shoe size.) I don't know if that helps! I will warn you that the Veronicas can be hard to get on if you have high arches, so you may want to start with your regular size.

    2. Okay..that helps..thanks :-)

  8. Lol, I love the n+1 boot equation. Seems completely logical to me :)
    The only ones I'd add to the list are a good pair of rain boots (I love my jade green Hunters), and my deep winter boots are Mukluks (Manitobah), so those are a must have for me.