Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Very Good Movie Review.

A: Adorable movie I think everyone should watch.

A: It's basically Four Love Actually Weddings on Notting Hill and Bill Nighy is FANTASTIC.

L: You have just described my ideal movie, pretty much.

A: My friend Ashley described Bill Nighy as, "a gravely old hot dude."

L: Seriously. I am assuming this takes place in England? Nothing is more charming in a RomCom than England.

A: Not just in England, in CORNWALL. And. AND. The lead? Is a Weasley.

L: What's a Weasley?

A: Oh. Hmm. You're not a Harry Potter person?

L: No. I'm sure I will invoke the wrath of the internet, but I've never read or seen one of the HPs. Is it a ginger?

A: Oh, yes:

L: Huh. I assume he is the kind of man who is willing to do anything to please his sweet, sweet Rachel McAdams after some sort of terrible misunderstanding?

A: Oh, he travels back in TIME to please his sweet Rachel McAdams who has a tragic haircut.

L: OK, see now, THAT is love. And I from what I've seen on the IMDB, she really does have a bad haircut. I prefer my Rachel bang-less.

A: Agreed.

L: Do you think that this Weasley approaches Hugh Grant/Colin Firth levels of charm? Because that bar is set pretty high.

A: Honestly? No. He's too nerdy to ever reach those levels but he's certainly delightful and sweet. Bill Nighy is really the standout in this movie.

L: Say no more! His curly fingers get me every time. I mean this? I DIED:

A: His...what?

A: Oh god! That was the best romance in Love Actually.

L: Do you not know about the Bill Nighy finger thing? Google this: Bill Nighy hands.

A: I have never noticed that!

L: That's because he just makes it look COOL. Like a boss.

A: He's basically the best.

L: Tell me, is this movie in theaters? Or can I watch from my pajamas and not worry about strangers seeing me crying RomCom tears?

A: Oh no! It's on DVD so you're totally safe.

L: Thank god.


  1. YES YES YES! So good even Karl enjoyed it, the day after we saw it he was telling his guy friends about it!

  2. It's so funny you should mention this ... it was just on Movie Central or one of those channels recently, and my husband and I watched, twice. Safe to say that we both quite enjoyed it. You know how I feel about ginger guys, but I thought this one was pretty adorable. Bill Nighy is awesomesauce, always.

  3. I saw this on the plane, I thought it was very well done- and I totally didn't recognize the Weasley! And I'm an HP devotee- is he one of the twins or the dragon one or the turncoat? Anyway....Yes, charming movie

    I love Bill Nighy too, he's just got it all- the movie business must be falling over themselves to get him now!

  4. we stumbled across this movie last weekend - perfect for a happy/mindless/sweet evening!