Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who Wore It Biggest?

A: Lenny Kravitz is… cold? Or did he shrink?

L: He's chilly! And he's cool. The man can do no wrong in my book.

A: I adore him but he looks like a crazy person. Does he think he's Pharrell?

L: No way. He's so much cooler than Pharrell it hurts. And I love it. Admittedly, he's walking an Olsen-twin line here, but I'm just gonna thumbs up anything he does fashion wise. Plus, Marianne TOTALLY made a scarf that big and gave it to me. Perhaps I'm biased?

A: According to the Internet he is a tiny person, but still. Maybe Marianne made him a giant scarf too?

L: Giant blanket scarves are the new Smokey the Bear hat.

A: I guess. I still think he looks like he shrunk.

L: I think I found the lady who knit it:


L: Mad knitting skills.

A: *high five*

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