Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: I'm Freezing my Ass Off.

It turned sharply colder this week and I pulled out my trusty old puffer jacket, took a good look at it and recoiled in horror. It's really old and really, really sad, y'all. So, this weekend I will legitimately be shopping for a new one. Here is what I found for inspiration:


  1. A puffer jacket is really one of those essentials that is so hard to get right. I'll be watching your purchase with much interest. Can you share what exactly you're looking for? Based on the images they seem to be hip-length ones in black, would that be warm enough for snow? Also how do you know when one's puffer has bitten the dust? Mine has feathers coming out all over in the seams, but I figure there gotta be more where those feathers come from...? Thanks! ~Anon. L.

  2. Ugh, right? This is the perennial Canadian Conundrum. I've had good, functional luck with carefully chosen parkas from Land's End, which are frequently on sale.

  3. I saw someone yesterday with an AMAZING ultra light down parka from Uniqlo, and I wanted it bad. Real bad.

    1. Ooh, the down jackets at Uniqlo are on sale right now...

  4. I second the vote for Lands End coats. My down parka from 5 years ago still gets tons of compliments. Plus, their outerwear is currently 40% off... (I promise I'm not a Lands End worker, I just shop online too much)

  5. I would have frozen my ass off anyway in one of those jackets, as they would hardly cover the "A" area ;) However, I like the Bogner jacket very much. I sincerely recommend Didriksons parkas and coats (a Swedish brand) for a heavy duty covering :) I don't know if they are available in the States, but there is a plethora of internet shops in Europe which have a nice selection.


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