Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Adrien: My Secret Weapon.

My dream it to have an entire wardrobe that looks like street clothes but feel like pajamas. Comfort and style! My secret weapon! So, when Kate found me this Sundry sweatshirt dress at Rosemont 310's sale last weekend it was true love. It's basically a sweatshirt... that's a dress. Soft, comfortable, striped, an extra 50% off, all good things. I wasn't familiar with Sundry but they make all kinds of secret weapon dresses.

It's so soft! I wasn't sure about the band at the bottom but it helps to give the dress a little shape and isn't binding at all. I am all over this dress and can see myself wearing it well into spring. 

I'm wearing it with my old Gap tuxedo jacket so I don't perish in the cold. It's a knit so it's only a jacket in theory, which I highly recommend.  This one looks like a really good comfy-yet-tailored option and this cute Gap ponte blazer totally fits the bill if tuxedo isn't your thing.

And for my birthday, Nina gave me this amazing Vince Camuto pave gold spike necklace that could easily double as a shiv:

A not-so-secret weapon. Hey, it's important to look stylish and also be able to defend yourself, is all I'm saying.  There are matching earrings too!

And of course, I'm wearing my long-time favorite Loeffler Randall boots and carrying my vintage LV epi speedy. (Do you have an awesome red satchel yet? Get on that.)


  1. That necklace would be awesome in the zombie apocalypse

  2. I'm so curious if that dress holds its shape after a day, or even an hour, of sitting. I have a Perse French terry dress I love, but the rear stretches out horribly after my drive to the office. . .Please update wit how you like it at the end of the day? Thanks.

    1. It didn't stretch out horribly! I swear. Pretty good overall.

    2. Thanks! good to know.

  3. The Gilli brand dresses at Modcloth (the I Love Your Dress in particular) are a workplace staple for me because they're flattering, of an appropriate silhouette, but feel like pajamas!


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