Thursday, January 8, 2015

Do These Pants Make My Thighs Look Chintzy?

A: Nothing says "nope" to the floral pants trend quite like this photo:

image: Trendy Crew

L: Oh no. I think they might've gotten me. I think...I think...these pants have won me over. Maybe it is the model just sellin' to me with that smizing(tm) eye!

A: Lili.


A: They look turrible on her! And she's a model!

L: I think you might love them but be pretending you hate them. It's just like those boys in elementary school that one couldn't actually tell one liked, so one resorted to punching them (er...totally not me).

A: Those pants are everything I don't want to be. I like every other element of her outfit and then...floral womp.

L: I'm not saying I would actually wear them, mind you. But I don't hate them. Like how some chintz works out fine in the right British palace.

A: She's wearing a chair, Lili.


A: That looks great! Not on my thighs.

L: That's so chair-ist of you.

A: I'm an unapologetic chairist.

L: I found your next cozy winter sweater.

A: It looks very flattering.

L: Do you need shoes to go with it?

A: I've always wondered what kind of person buys those shoe chairs. It's you, isn't it.

L: I only have two, one for each foot.

A: Well, obviously you'd need two.

L: Storage is a problem.

A: Oh, girl.


  1. Haha. I love the pants but you guys had me cracking up!

  2. I am wearing somewhat of a chintz floral blouse today and keep wondering if I am on trend or old lady, but I love it (which probably means it looks old lady).

  3. I have a pair, but ikat print. I need to wear them.

  4. Maybe if they weren't pleated? Right now they're kind of giving her the mom hips I sport. And I guarantee she doesn't really have mom hips.