Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adrien: Old As Dirt.

Y'all have all seen this dress a million times. I dug through the archives (haHA) and it's all over the damn blog. I bought it five years ago at Ross and it really should have spontaneously burst into flames after six months or so, but the damn thing just keeps on going. I can't get rid of it! It's easy to wear and I like the colors? I don't even know anymore. Here:

I believe the dress is from NY & Co. (where they apparently still have cute print dresses) but it reminds me of BCBG which is my favorite brand for a beautiful print. Also, Issa London. And DVF. I'll stop now. 

I'm wearing it with a sad Gap cardigan, my favorite Spanx tights and a pair of Chie Mihara pumps that I will wear until the end of time. They're long gone but there are some great deals on cute Chies right now. Just saying

My bag is MBMJ and is long gone, though Revolve has the satchel version in navy blue. I'm so helpful, right?


  1. I have that dress! I even ordered it in other colors recently from eBay. I am hard to fit and a winner is a winner. You were totally my style twin, except that I can't fit into anything from BR.I am still regretting not getting that globetrotter bag from Piperlime.

  2. Such a great modern print. You're right to keep wearing it. Excellent shoe pairing, too.

    Bloggers who restyle old favorites are more interesting, anyway.

  3. I love that dress! I'm always looking for just that style. I think I have that same sad Gap cardigan, does it have a curve around the bottom in the back? I bought it in cream and black, but the black is so faded and sad now. Wish I could perk it up a bit.