Thursday, January 22, 2015

More UGG Talk.

A: You bought UGGs. I bought UGGs. Let's talk about UGGs.

L: I got gifted a pair for Christmas which my daughter picked out. I will let you guess what they looked like before I show you what I exchanged them for.

A: Oooh, were they glittery??

L: THEY WERE! And also blue leopard print! Please note: never let the 7 year old pick out your UGGs. These are clearly the ones she wanted so she got them for me:


A: Wow. I mean, I like shiny things and I like leopard print but those are A Lot.

L: That's a lot of things! Thank GOD they were a half size too small. And when I went to the store they "didn't have those anymore." So I got these with a zipper. Because I am lazy.

UGG Sumner

A: Ooh, fancy zipper UGGs! Mine are just the classic tall and they're like wearing bunnies on my feet. In a good way.

L: In the best possible way. I am perpetually cold-footed and these babies are like MAGIC.

A: It's actually a good thing that I can't wear them to work because I'd never wear anything else. Ever.

L: I have worn them a couple times to work because of the weather. And then forgot to change out of them into the shoes in my bag.

A: Oops. Well, that happens. I just love it when something is popular because of comfort rather than visual appeal. Except for Crocs. Those are just hideous always.

L: I admit I was a hater. But now I'm a convert because I love them the most. Have tried the slippers? I know you're budgeting now, but the slippers!!

A: I want the slippers real bad. REAL BAD.

L: They were the one thing I asked for for Christmas. And bless my mother-in-law for completing my cozy-footed desires. Not to undermine your financial goals, but they do last forever

A: I've got my eye on a pair on 6pm but I'm biding my time.

L: Oooh which ones?

A: The Scuffette. 

L: They are so good. That was the pair I had for almost 10  years. It's a durable, smart, cozy choice.

A: Enabler.

L: The worst kind.

A: Related: My feet are cold.

L: I think you might need to make a medical exception case for work [wiggles toes in sheepskin].

A: Mean.


  1. I've had a pair of short UGGs in a virtual shopping cart since October. Who have I become?

    1. JUST GIVE IN! If you wear them at home no one will know.

  2. Don't forget Ugg insoles to revive an older pair. Made my slippers Like New! Fifteen bucks from Amazon!!

  3. I've had my Ugg Sunrise (don't think they make those anymore...very tall and narrow-ish with a zipper) for about 8 years. They are amazingly ugly but so comfortable. I will be sad when they finally give out. Love the replacement insoles!


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