Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Globe Observations with Kate.

A short text convo with my friend Kate last night...

K: Are you watching the Golden Globes?

A: Yessssss

K: Amy Poehler’s necklace is amazing.

A: Is it labradorite? It’s beautiful.

K: I’m pretty sure it is - with sparkly diamonds on top.

A: For my birthday?

K: You could wear it anywhere.

A: #duh

A: I didn’t even know labradorite came that big ’n crazy.

K: I know! It’s so shiny. I can’t keep my eyes off it.

A: Her boobs look good too.

K: Yes - that too.

A: Damn, we need that necklace. I’ll share it with you.

K: Totally.

A: Now it’s gone. I miss it.

K: Maybe it will come back. Cumberbatch’s shininess actually distracted me from it’s absence.

A: He’s got that airbrush glow…


  1. I love Amy Poehler’s dress and necklace there, but I keep getting distracted by how messy her hair is here.