Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adrien: Back on The Wagon.

Oh hey, so remember back last summer when I had to save a bunch of money and decided to put myself on a budget? I'm going to do that again. I didn't do terribly well last time so hopefully I'll manage myself better this go 'round.  

The rules this time around are a little different. My budget a bit bigger than last summer (hey, summer clothes are cheaper) but any unspent budget goes right into my savings account, it doesn't roll over. My plan is to do this until May, at which point I'll reassess the budget and my needs.

My rules:

  • A monthly style budget of $200 which includes beauty/makeup, clothes, shoes, and accessories. (It does not include hair appointments because that is non-negotiable.)
  • Unspent budget does NOT roll over to the next month.
  • Selling something on the blog or eBay does not count as free style budget money.
  • One in, one out. If I buy something I have to get rid of something.
  • I will definitely still be whining about stuff I want that I can't have.

This starts February 1st and to keep myself honest I'll write an entry at the end of each month with details of exactly what I bought and how much I spent. 

And since we're already here, I thought I'd tell you what I've bought in January. My birthday was last week so I bought myself a couple of birthday gifts. A cool local boutique sent me a birthday coupon for 50% off one full-priced item so I bought myself some UGG boots:

UGG Classic Tall

I love them. SO much. Even though they're really not very attractive. My feet are cold all the time and they are so nice to slip on after a winter bike ride. I have zero regrets. I also bought some black Hudson skinny jeans at the same boutique that were something like 75% off:

Hudson Nico Mid-Rise Super Skinny
They are super-black, have a lovely mid-rise and are very comfortable. I went down a size, though, because they are really damn stretchy. Filed under "less exciting purchases" I bought more of my favorite foundation:

Smashbox Studio Skin

I did get a bunch of samples with the order, including a couple of new Bumble & bumble styling products, so I'll have those to review soon. Finally, I bought some thermal underwear from Target because everyone needed to know that, right? Sure.


  1. I totally just bought my first tall black UGGs! I had whenever I have to wear anything else.

  2. Whining is an important part of the process. Think of it as a form of zen chanting.

  3. I've been trying to limit myself for about six months. I do keep a little journal of how much I spend each month...it does help a little bit to keep me accountable. Definitely makes me realize how much I spend when I'm playing around online. Dang online shopping for it's ease!

  4. These sound really similar to my style/budget resolutions. I'm on a $250/month shopping budget and realllly trying to make one-in-one-out happen. eBay sales will always be extra shopping money for me, though!