Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thanks and Stripes.

I'm home sick with a cold today so this entry might be a little bit of a ramble. (Sneezing! Fun! Kill me!) Mostly I just wanted to thank you all for your excellent feedback regarding the Questionable Sweater. I think this comment best sums up my feelings:

It looks like you purchased a size too big... And obviously you don't LOVE it, you kind of like it. If you're questioning the purchase this much now, you will probably question it each time you pull it out of the closet.
Pretty much, yes. I like it but not that much and even though it sparks joy in my closet, it feels too big to me and I rarely am able to pull off heavyweight slouchy. Mostly it just feels sloppy when I try. So, easy decision to return it and I'm grateful for your comments.  I still do want an open cardigan, but I think I need to look for something in a finer knit that's a bit more streamlined. Something like this, maybe? If I had the means, I'd buy this one and wear it for the rest of my rich lady life. So nice.

Moving on, did you guys know that Everlane is now making a striped shirt? My kryptonite. I texted this to Marianne:
I wasn’t going to order it and then I started laughing and bought it because, stripes.
Hey, I like what I like and I wouldn't be me if I didn't at least try the fancy Everlane striped shirt. What would you guys think about me if I didn't? It comes in two striped colorways (and a weird blushy pink) and I ordered this one because it seemed more like spring:

Chips and Dimp?

I'm not sure what's going on with the model. She seems kind of...high. Anyway, it's a few weeks backordered but I don't mind waiting. I'll do a review when it arrives! Fingers crossed that this is the holy grail of striped shirts.


  1. Ha! This model reminds of the drunk J Crew models Tumblr. Cute shirt though - I may need to order that.

  2. You're so funny. (the cold, the model)

    I have the same issue with striped shirts. I made a decision a while back to stop buying them, and get things in order. I'm now down to 3. 4. Ok, 5 but two of those I just can't get rid of (an LL Bean regatta blue with white stripe and another heavy cotton coffee background with navy stripes) though they don't fit right... so I use them as hair towels (for which they are perfect and super cute and I get my stripe fix first thing in the morning, so win-win)

    Hope the Everlane works for you, you can never tell until they're on.

    I've worn Saint James, Petit Bateau, countless nameless brands- and my current workhorses (they have the white shoulders, those are my favorites) are from H&M!
    2 from the Girls section (age 14) Going on 3 years, so far so good. One is navy striped on white, the other white striped on orange, 100% cotton.
    And one from the normal women's section which is thin t-shirt, very elegant long-sleeves and longer body, red stripes on white with small gold shoulder buttons.
    So if you haven't looked at H&M, they have super flattering striped-shirt cuts, seriously.

    . It's very very hard to toe the line in Japan though- they are EVERYWHERE in all colors, and just the right classicism. As in classic, not classist. I'm still in my discarding phase, so, not yet....But I'll be trying them on very soon.

    1. Excellent! I will definitely check out H&M for striped shirts. I've given up pretending I'm not going to keep buying them.

    2. I want to know what you mean by using your old shirts as hair towels?? do you have a photo link you could give? Curious!

    3. no photo link, but I just use them exclusively for my hair ; I put my head in the neck part, do the usually turban thing (sleeves end up up top, then I tuck them at the nape.) Voila :)

  3. I just bought this on sale from Anthro and thought it might be along the lines of what you're looking for open sweater wise

  4. Have it, love it. Perfect heavy material, great fit.