Monday, February 9, 2015

Von Trappin', Like We Do.

A: Thinking about becoming a nun? Gap has you covered.

1969 denim popover dress
Three-quarter sleeve pleated dress
A-line knit dress

L: I tell you what. You will make one foxy nun.

A: Like, Von Trappin' foxy?

L: Jawohl!! Maria would have an equal. I have to say, I kind of like the navy blue one and the gray one? Seem like they could be good staples!

A: I thought so too which is why I clicked on them but woe, the close-up pics. I'd have to do some pretty fancy accessorizing to not have them look dowdy.

L: I feel if they were made by a fancier retailer, the chances of the cut being good would be higher. But I feel like the Gap misses more often than they hit.

A: I can't even remember the last thing I bought at the Gap and it used to be a staple. I mean, that first dress. There's no excuse for that.

L: That first one is ATROCIOUS. It's for sad, misunderstood German artists.

A: It is the giant dad-shirt we wore in art class as a smock.

L: Yeah, that model can't even fake being happy about wearing that.

A: Her expression says, “’F’real? No, seriously. F'REAL?"

L: "You know this isn't going in my book."

A:  #moddleproblems


  1. I agree gap used to be a staple for me, but lately I can't find anything I could bear putting on my body

  2. This one is really special.

    1. Oh, crap. How did I miss that?

    2. The view from the back is . . . worrisome.

  3. I totally got the three-quarter sleeve pleated dress, which I am wearing right now, and I legit look like an ex-nun who now runs a moderately successful art gallery. Which was my goal all along.