Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cabin Fever Shopping.

Help me. Not only am I still home sick but we got another snow storm last night and you guys? I JUST CAN'T EVEN. I'm done. I have spent way too much time pretend-shopping online. So, there's this Boden dress that I've posted about before LAST YEAR and they still have it and it's on sale but not on sale enough. It should be $15 by now! But ugh, it's so good:

Boden Milano Dress

Does anyone have this? Is it worth spending that kind of money on? They have a bunch of coupon codes but none of them work for me. Dammit Boden. I also like this blouse but it's also too much money. I need to get out of this apartment.


  1. Girl! Get the browser extension Honey. It'll try a bunch of coupons and they usually have one that works on sale items. ;)

    1. I have it! It tried nine coupons for me and none of them work.

  2. Boden's codes never work on clearance items. Super annoying! Plus Boden is VERY stubborn at reducing prices. Alot of times I see stuff in the clearance section from many seasons ago and the prices are still high! It sometimes seem like you can get better deals before the item moves to the clearance section. Weird.

    Dina of is a great resource for Boden (reviews and coupons). She has that dress and reviewed it here....
    I think she's fairly tall and short-waisted so these dresses work nicely on her. I'm tall but not short-waisted so I often find Boden's waist line on dresses hit way too high on me. But I'm sure they'll be fine for you. The sleeve length on the dress is not my cup of tea but I know alot of women like it.

  3. I dunno about this one girl, it's got a spill-magnet runway right down the front. Or maybe I just eat too much (the right amount) of BBQ...

  4. Europe is never as magnificent for discounts as the U.S. seems to be. For example, I've never heard of ANYONE stacking coupons here.

    Myself, I keep ogling the animal print wrap dress in the clearance section. And I don't even LIKE animal prints.

  5. I bought it when Boden had a 25% off dresses sale a few months back. Although it fits well and I like it, it has yet to be worn out in public. The fabric is decent and heavy and it lays nice for a sweater dress. Considering returning as I don't think it is worth the price I paid and I have gotten zero use out of it. Not sure how that is helpful. If I could get for less I would definitely keep.

  6. I have this dress in blue, and LOVE it. I always get compliments - like people tracking me down to tell me they like the dress. I really like the weight of the knit. I liked it so much, I ordered the bronzish metallic version, but returned that. The vertical stripes are key.

  7. Damn you ladies and your tempting blog posts! I just bought the Milano dress in the blue tones of vertical stripes! I think it might be magic. Feels so good. Looks so good. It even SMELLED good coming out of the box. How can it ever do that?!

    The dress is going right in my suitcase for a trip to Europe next week.