Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Badass Fall Things.

 So, I have a vision of my ultimate fantasy wardrobe - a cool, rocker-y style. Limited color palette with lots of skinny jeans, slouchy tees, sharp blazers and black chelsea boots. Minimal but interesting jewelry and one or two really fantastic bags that would perfectly age with time. Basically:

I'm Kate Lanphear.

AKA pretty badass.

Yeeeeaaah. So, realistically, I don't have the lifestyle that goes along with this style or the job. Or the budget. All that said, I'm super fucking excited that every average store's fall collection seems to include moto-styled jeans, leather trim and lots of black and grey. Heaven! Here's what I've already got my eye on:

Banana Republic Faux-Leather Trim Blazer

Banana Republic Faux-Leather Trim Open Cardigan

Madewell The Anouck Loafer in metallic

JCrew Celestial Pendant

Hugo Guinness for J.Crew “You Are Here” Sweater

Madewell skinny skinny coated motorcycle jeans

Ann Taylor Faux Leather Sleeved Striped dress

Boden Milano Dress

Ann Taylor Modern Zipper Pocket Skinny Jeans

Ugh, so much wanting! Fall is already killing me and it's still summer. I am pretty sure that some kind of leather-trimmed jacket or cardigan will be on my fall wishlist, as well as a pair of zip-pocket jeans. Those metallic flats are also stabbing me in the heart, but we'll see....


  1. I have those Madewell Motorcycle jeans and let me tell you - when I'm NOT riding my motorcycle, I wear those bad boys to work and no one knows that they're actually jeans! Mwwaaahhaahahahahaha!

    P.S. Damn you for posting that delightful Boden dress that I now need.

  2. Bless/curse you for this roundup. I want everything on it!


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