Thursday, August 7, 2014


Every now and then I'll browse the Marc by Marc stuff on Zappos because they occasionally have excellent markdowns that are random and fleeting. It's not generally rock-bottom craziness, but often as much as a 50% discount which isn't nothing when you're talking about a bag that retails for nearly $500.  Here's what I like right now:

Happy green! I love this dig this little duffle and think the leather latch detail is really cool:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Half Pipe Duffle

More with the leather latch and I love that this bag is all murdered out:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Half Pipe Annabel

This hobo is the Hillier's fancier sibling and you know I love a Hillier:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Washed Up Billy

I'm pretty sad that my laptop is too big for this computer bag:

Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Gamma Ray Print 13" Computer Commuter

Man, Marc Jacobs does the most interesting greens. I covet this bag:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Washed Up The Nash

This wallet is such an amazing blue and I love the perf pocket detail:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Know When To Fold'Em Perf Travel Zip Around

This wristlet is nearly useless in it's smallness but so mod! So cool!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Small Wristlet

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