Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ding DONG.

L: I have NEVER seen a "mic wire" there or like that.


L: Those packs go on the back. So I'm calling his bluff.

A: YES. THANK YOU. Something isn't right here. I mean everything is right, but I don't buy it. Unless he's got a whole microphone down his pants...

L: YES! The entire thing. Right down there. Picking up pant sounds.

A: That's usually how they do it, right? Because IDRIS ELBA PANT SOUNDS.

L: I volunteer as tribute! I will be the next microphone wire for Idris Elba's pants! For science, of course.

A: I mean, COME ON. The first picture? That is definitely his Stringer Bell.

A: And he's giving us the finger in the third one, which is awesome.

L: Ding. Dong.



  1. These photos are a threat to the sanctity of my marriage.

  2. I mean, aren't mic wires supposed to be unobtrusive? I mean, that's like the total opposite of unobtrusive. (she says as she fans herself)

  3. He can't fool us. You can lie about your mic wire all day long. That's not a wire, that's a cable, a cord...a bundle even. Who wears a bundle of wires down his pants, and what sounds are we supposedly that desperate to hear.

    Can't fool us Idris!!


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