Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perfecting Crazy.

A: Do these pants make my pants look big?

image: The Sartorialist

L: This woman looks 5'2" (BUT maybe that's just the most unflattering pants possible's fault?). So judging from the camera height, that makes the SHobbit approximately 4'3".

A: I think that is accurate. I also think she's doing everything in her power to make those pants awful.

L: That's a thing now, right? LOOK CRAZY! #perfect.

A: Are you kidding?

image: The Sartorialist
A: #totenorms

L: I think I'm going to start doing this. I live in New York friggin' City. I should get to dress like a Crazy.

A: Be a Crazy! What do you have to lose? And maybe the SHobbit will come take your picture. Wait.

L: Turnabout is fair play, Adrien. And! I have 7 year olds at my disposal who dress like total maniacs if unsupervised. I'll just be alll, "One of you pick mama's outfit, the other, get up on the counter and do my hair."

A: PLEASE DO NOT THINK FOR A SECOND I FORGOT ABOUT THAT. It's the single best thing anyone has ever done for this blog. EVERRRRR. Now, get them kids working and get Crazy.

L: How am I doing? Crazy enough?



  1. Lilli the plain white top shows you are not really trying here. Another pattern is needed I think. Alison C

    1. You are SO right. I shoulda put that dress on in the background instead. On top of the pants, under the jacket. And dammit, probably could've used a jaunty hat.

    2. I have mixed feelings about this!

    3. The shoes also need more jingle bells or whatever.

  2. You know in the top photo I was thinking "hey that top is kind of cute." I'll overlook those hideous culottes. Then...the basketball shorts. Really? REALLY?

    If dressing bad is edgy I must be hella cool when I'm cleaning my yard.


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