Monday, February 23, 2015

Goopy Spring Picks.

Spring Picks

A: The lip balm is only $15 which seems like a screaming deal paired with the rest of it.

L: You know what I keep thinking for spring? Petal pink and a $900 cuff!

A: $180 cut off shorts seems like my jam.

A: Wait! The $650 shell print shorts. So much sense to be made there.

L: I mean, who would just cut off old, worn in jeans when you could PAY for brand new ones!

A: Just the thing to wear with your $1,300 blazer.

L: Only if you're going to wear your unicor....? bir....? waaaav...e? sweater underneath it!

A: Um, yes? Yes! Totally. And some kind of ear jewelry thing. It costs a lot.


A: I will fight you for it with the one-shouldered jumpsuit! JUMPSUITS FOR EVERYONE.

L: But wait. Are there any expensive shoes we can pair with our jumpsuits?

A: $400 sneakers work for you?

L: Mother of Pearl they are cute. However, I maaaaaaaaaay prefer $1,000 Monique Lhuillier booties?

A: Too girly for me. But I'll take the $685 stack of books. Wait.

L: Obviously. But only if those books only matter because of their dust jackets.

A: Which reminds me...

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  1. The "London Book Set (stack of eight)" for a mere USD 685 is such a catch! I am sure it will look lovely between my second hand paperbacks. Any guests will be suitably impressed, particularly after being served a dinner prepared in USD 285 pot and when I light that USD 40 candle! Just to be on the safe side, I will wear that USD 1,185 skirt (is GP sure that there is no typo in the price), the tacky anchor ear jacket (if I can spend USD 685 for 8 books, why not add an earing for USD 2,260, right?) and that Carven long sleeve top (USD 485) + Nicole Ankle Boots (such a pity that they are below USD 1,000 - I won't be able to say "Here are my thousand bucks pink booties!". Damn it. Nothing is perfect. Not even in GP's world!