Wednesday, March 11, 2015

(More) Things I Want To Buy.

Shopping budgets suck! Who's idea was this? Mine? Ugh, what an asshole. A lot has been tempting me this week and hopefully if I talk about it I won't want it so badly:

First, this top is just pretty. I don't know if it's "me" or whatever but isn't it pretty? Wouldn't it be nice to wear a floaty sleeveless tank, all carefree and un-shivery? One day.

Anthopologie Anapia Tank

Hey, quirky new mascara with your big promises! I feel it's my duty to try you out even though your packaging makes you look like a sex toy.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

I love red and purple together and we won't talk about who ruined THAT combo. But this dress is so aggressively cheerful that that just keep on stalking it.

Diane von Furstenberg Freya Dress

Oh hey, yeah. So this necklace is kind of similar to my G&B hook, sure, but it's also totally and completely different and stuff. Seriously. Shush.

Madewell wishbone lariat necklace

I have these clog sandals in black and LOVE THEM. I've been trolling for another color and was very, very taken with the aubergine, even though the natural leather version would probably be a more practical choice. But man, aubergine. So fancy.

Lotta From Stockholm Peep Toe Clogs in Aubergine

I've been thinking about replacing my old Hillier hobo with the updated "Too Hot To Handle" style in black and then while innocently wandering through Saks I spied it in this color. It's such a good greyish-tanish neutral (yet somehow not boring at all) and would basically work with everything. All the things. I really, really like it. A lot. So much. Ugh.
Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle hobo in cement

To be honest, I don't really know what "brightening eye base" does or if it even works but who the hell cares. IT'S SO ADORABLE. LOOK AT THAT PANDA. (There is also a bunny that does some sort of thing.)

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base

That's all I have for now. I'll just be over here in the corner quietly crying.


  1. My commiserations. I have a budget this month and although pretty tops, colourful sandals and bright lipsticks have been winking towards me (like "hey, take me home, won't ya?!"), I had to pretend not to see them. The top from Anthropologie and the DVF dress are great!

  2. Budgets are too much like diets. And to save on my clothing budget I need to lose just a little weight so I can keep wearing the clothes I already have. Arg.
    I love most of your covetables, but that top from Anthro - $78 for "silky" polyester? Best to wish list it and wait for sale. The reviews seem iffy too. It does look cute on the model though. And would hide my burgeoning muffin top.

    1. I actually prefer poly to silk because I'm too cheap to pay for dry cleaning, but yeah. I'd definitely wait for the sale price. Anthro is scandalously overpriced.

  3. I got s free sample of the mascara and it's just meh. I adore Benefit, "They're Real", so I was excited about a mascara that would also curl. The formula is too thin, it goes on like paint. I get some curl, but no length.


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