Monday, March 9, 2015

Say "Palazzo Pants" Without Cringing. I Dare You.

Source: The Sartorialist

A: I am too old for this.

L: All I can think of is how dirty her pant cuffs must be. Clearly, I am too.

A: I just don't understand. HELP ME UNDERSTAND.

L: You need step by step instructions. First, you are what one can only assume is a tall, skinny Italian. Potentially, a Spaniard.

A: Of course I am! Next step.

L: Next, you don't give a second thought to layering chunky knits. These are prerequisites.

A: I...okay. I'm in.

L: Next: accept that brocade was in then out then in then out over the last 200 years, but that it is now decidedly IN. Get brocade palazzo pants. Give zero fucks.

A: I'm out.

L: I thought that might be where I lose you.

A: Palazzo pants! BYE BYE! 

L: Yeah....what really gets me is sweater upon sweater!

A: I just...assume her giant pants were expensive, so why not pay the extra $20 to get them hemmed?

L: Maybe we're so uncool that we don't even know that feet are out this season?

A: Gross. Feet are so 2014.

L: #FAS2014



  1. I briefly pictured how this would look on me, a 5 feet tall woman, and Oh, how I laughed. Surely she's not bee-bopping around the city in those pants. You would pick up all manner of grossness.

    1. Good point! Clearly a missed prerequisite: you have a driver.

  2. OMG, you guys, and I thought I was the only one who did not get the hems that polish pavements in Milano and Paris! I am always like "WTF, aren't they afraid about catching dog's poo / human barf??!!". On the other hand, maybe Shobbit is just sooooo thrilled that he's the only one who's got to have his trousers hemmed? After all he's the one who got all excited about having a right thigh gap. Palazzo pants - yuck, yuck, yuuuuck!!


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