Monday, March 16, 2015

My Brain Is Exploding.

Hey! Anyone who was interested in the tiny pyramid stud necklace I reviewed last week, BR is now offering an extra 50% off sale styles with code BRSPRING. Yay!


L: Cannot. Make. Brain. Figure. This. Out. How does bag work?


A: I don't gettttt ittttt.

L: This is a far more important thing for us to figure out than the black/blue white/gold dress ever was. How.

A: Witchcraft?

L: I feel like I get it for a second when I see them holding the handles, and I LOSE it.

A: I can't see them real. NOT REAL THINGS.

L: I even tried going to look at where they sell them hoping to see something unzipped. And still, nope.

A: That makes it look MORE FAKE.

L: Yes! Like, these are Marge's handbags. (PS - don't google Marge Simpson. A disturbing number of Marge nudes show up.)

A: You know what's next, right? Pop-art clothes. People walking around looking like actual cartoons.

L: No doubt about it.

A: WAIT. Are the flat? Like leather envelopes?

L: Oh snap. Did you just figure it out?

A: Look at them with that in mind and it...almost makes sense. Mostly nope.



L: *receives AARP card with #GenX affixed*


  1. I've seen these live and it's coooool. Had I been 20 I'd've coveted.

  2. I can't make my brain work well enough to really see them.

  3. My old brain can't even make it past the name…it's giving me abstractitis...

    "Argghhh...In my day, people didn't carry these newfangled two-dimensional cartoons…they carried real gym bags! With names like 'Adidas' and 'Reebok!' And dammit, they liked it!"